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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strange lights still being reported along Interstate 5

There are few reoccurring stories that are on Weird Fresno. But it seems that the stories of strange lights seen on the Interstate 5 corridor between Coalinga and Kettleman City. I had reported in May of 2009 of having received an e-mail from someone stating they saw a UFO here and were able to film it. Upon reviewing it I came to the conclusion it was a crop duster. Well it seems that others are still mistaking crop dusters for UFOs as another similiar report was filed with the National UFO Reporting Center on July 17, 2011. Here is the account as it was reported:

Occurred : 7/17/2011 02:35
Location: Fresno (near; on Interstate 5), CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:1-2 Minutes

A linear object with 3 bright lights, flew about 10 feet over our truck while traveling N on I 5.

While traveling north bound on Interstate 5, approximately 30 miles SE of Fresno, a linear object with three bright lights (Two on the end and one in the middle) approached our truck, containing six passengers. When we first saw it, the linear object was around 500 yards away.

Five of the passengers, including me, saw the formation of lights continuing to fly towards our truck. During this time, the object rotated similar to a plane that has stalled. We were confused and somewhat scared as to what this object is.

It headed straight towards our truck where it flew about 10-20 feet above us. It was close enough to where the driver, and the two front passengers, one of which was me, ducked and screamed.

While continuing to drive, we watched behind us as the three bright lights lifted up and dove into the ground and then back up again. The bright lights spun and rotated until it finally disappeared.

The object was about 30 feet long.

Keep in mind that it wasnt until afterwards we realized that it made absulutely no sound when it passed over our truck.

And the compass on our truck didnt work after the sighting.

Given the description above it sounds similiar to the May 2009 incident. And as I had stated before, I used to live on a farm and we had crop dusted in the past as well as our neighbors. They dust at night as the wind is less prevelant (usually) and whatever is being applied to the crops won't scatter as easily.

But then there's the issue of reporting the craft made no sound. This is just conjecture on my part, but the witness stated they continued to drive and watched the object only noting later that it made no sound. I have to question this as since they were driving in a truck, there would have been enough noise from the tires on the road plus any other traffic to drown out the noise of a single prop engine (which are usually 600 hp or so). I think given the noise pollution and the excitement factor, this is what caused them to miss the engine noise. Now I could be wrong, but given the witness statement and what I know from personal experience (I saw a crop duster, read my post here) I believe that it was just a crop duster and not some sort of alien spacecraft or military aircraft.

One of these nights I want to take a group out to the area armed with some night vision enabled video cameras and attempt to solve this mystery once and for all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are the grounds of the old Kerman High School haunted?

The grounds of the old Kerman High School. You can see rubble
in the background of what used to be the main building.
Image courtesy of Google Maps.

The site of the old Kerman High School, located on Clinton and Madera Ave, has been rumored to have been haunted for years. Strange lights have been seen floating between rooms even though the property has been fenced off for several decades.

The original Kerman High School was built in 1912 and served the Kerman area until a larger high school was needed and the current campus was built in 1967.

The property fell into disuse and was fenced off to keep trespassers out. Unfortunately this wasn't enough as on December 30, 1998 an arsonist set fire to the main building and it burned to the ground.

No one knows what these strange lights are, if there are spirit lights or something else. One has to wonder what would cause someone or something to haunt a school. Perhaps whatever it is feeds off the emotions from the students that walked the halls over the years. And it's possible that it still roams the debris of what used to be the old Kerman High School.

Interesting side note here. In 1995 several friends, having heard of the stories and wanting to check them out , went to the old school at night. As soon as they parked their car and got out several sheriff's cars pulled out and the officers drew guns on them thinking they were going to trespass. One has to wonder how many other people went to the school looking for ghosts.

Let me also preface this. Please don't try to go here at night and search for ghosts. There's a fence around the property for a reason. Don't be that ghost hunting group who likes to hop fences late at night just to get a thrill. If you really want to investigate this location, find out who owns it and try to get permission. Don't ruin it for those out there who are actually serious about this.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lodge in downtown Lemoore said to be haunted

Oddfellows Lodge in downtown Lemoore which is rumored to be
haunted. Photo courtesy of

In downtown Lemoore there is an historic two story building that is said to be haunted. On the bottom floor there is a barber shop, a pharmacy as well as several real estate offices. But on the second floor, where the local Oddfellows Lodge is located (a fraternal society with its roots in England) is where most of the paranormal activity has occurred.

Every Halloween the local drama club sets up a haunted house attraction in the Lodge. Apparently some of the former residents aren't pleased with this as they have made themselves known in several different way. Shadowy figures have been reported seen throughout the second floor and others have reported seeing figures wearing old fashioned clothing (possibly from the late Victorian era) wandering around at night. There are also temperature changes that manifesting as both cold and hot spots. Other witnesses have also reported being filled with a dreadful sensation after being in the building for some time and have the urge to leave as quickly as possible. Once someone heard a deep male voice telling them to "leave us to rest" and others have reported to see strange green and red lights on the roof late at night.

So what are the cause of all these strange occurrences? The building was constructed in 1904 and surely has seen its fair share of inhabitants. Could former members of the lodge still be lingering around where they once met, upset that someone else is in their space now that is doing something that isn't lodge related? Or any of the previous inhabitants, upset that the Halloween attraction is being put on? Or is it just part of the Halloween attraction itself? Stories made up of supposedly real ghosts to add a bit of flavor to the attraction to get more people to come? It's really hard to say. Though a visit may be in order come Halloween to see if the attraction is still open and the stories of the hauntings are indeed true.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Railroad crossing near Visalia rumored to be haunted

Haunted railroad crossing at Santa Fe Ave. & Ave. 271 in Visalia
Image courtesy of Google Street View

There are stories of a haunted railroad crossing in Tulare County, south of the city of Visalia. The railroad crossing is located where Avenue 271 turns into Santa Fe Avenue via two 90 degree turns. The tracks here don't receive much traffic anymore as the line seems to be abandoned now. Yet for whatever reason there seems to be several hauntings at this crossing.

It's said if you park your car on the tracks you can hear the sounds of a train passing by as well as the ghostly images of people walking towards your car. And when you try to start your car back up it seems to take longer for the engine to turn over, almost as if the battery is being drained by something else.

One some nights around 3:00 am a phantom train can be seen. The origin of this haunt is unclear but one can imagine that given the time of the sighting, a train may have derailed sometime early in the morning. It's also said a white figure can be seen walking the along the road next to the crossing late at night. Whether this figure is related to the ghost train is unknown.

It's unknown if any of these haunts are actually true. I did come across several witness accounts regarding the above stories, but whether they are fabricated or not is hard to say. But I wouldn't be surprised if there haven't been a few accidents at this crossing. The fact that there are two 90 degree turns within 250 feet of each other could lend credence to this. But it's hard to say. Haunted railroad crossings are some of my favorite stories and that there is yet another one in the Central Valley area I felt I had to share it.