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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The ghosts of Disneyland

Disneyland is known as one of the happiest places on Earth. What is not commonly known is that it is haunted by several ghosts across the park. I had the pleasure to go to Disneyland this last weekend with a good friend of mine. And since I was there I thought I would check out each of the attractions that was reported to be haunted.

Does the spirit of a woman haunt the Matterhorn,
which can be seen in the distance?

The Matterhorn Ride
A woman named Dolly was riding in in the front toboggan-style car and turned to check her two children riding in the back of the car. For some reason she felt that she had to stand and undo her seat belt to do this. The car entered a sharp decline, (now known as Dolly's dip) she was thrown out of the car, up over the heads of her children,and onto the track behind them. She was then promptly run over by the next toboggan.

Do the spirits of two boys who died during Grad Night haunt
Tom Sawyer's Island?

Tom Sawyer's Island
It is reported that after closing for the night, there have been at least two if not three apparitions seen on Tom Sawyer's Island. The cast members who search for them always come up empty handed. It is thought that the spirits may be of some boys who reportedly drowned during Grad Night in the Rivers of America surrounding the island.

Did a young man die on the old People Mover
ride, which is now closed?

The People Mover
During Grad Night, a boy apparently jumped out of his moving car, tripped, and dragged underneath to his death. It is said that he grasped onto his girlfriends blond hair to try to pull himself to safety. From that night on there were reports from girls riding on the attraction, especially those with long blond hair, that they felt an invisible presence violently tugging at their hair.

The spirit of a man is seen on Space Mountain,
only to disappear before the ride is over.

Space Mountain
Both the ride itself and the woman's (employee) locker rooms are haunted by the ghost of "Mr. One-Way", a guest who died on the Space Mountain ride back in the 1970's when the ride first opened. On the ride, he is described as a large man with reddish hair and a red face, and has been seen by guests getting into a car with a lone rider, but he vanishes before the end of the ride.

Dolls move when there is no electricity on
It's a Small World.

It's a Small World
It is said that three cast members who loved it so much have returned to haunt this attraction. Lights are said to turn on and off by themselves, and after hours, the dolls move when the electricity for the attraction has been turned off.

The ghost of a little boy is said to roam the
Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion
A woman wanted to spread the ashes of her recently deceased young son in the mansion, because it was his favorite attraction. She asked permission, but Disneyland would not allow it for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, the mother snuck the ashes in and scattered them anyways. At night the ride operators can sometimes see a lone boy riding one of the Doom Buggies on the video monitors, but when they check it out there is no one. Other people have claimed to have seen a little boy crying where you get on the Doom Buggies. It seems that perhaps it wasn't his last wish to have his ashes scattered here after all.

Unfortunately I didn't see any of these spirits (I didn't go on It's A Small World since the idea of haunted dolls terrifies me), and I'm not sure the validity of some of these stories as Disneyland does not try to hide deaths that have occurred in the park (despite an urban legend that says no one has been declared legally dead in the park). The stories are interesting none the less, and add to the history of the happiest place on Earth.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Strange sea creature seen in Florida dubbed 'Muck Monster'

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- There's something lurking just under the surface of the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Greg Reynolds of recalls, "Channel marker ten is the first time we saw the unknown creature." "I hollered out...and said what is that? We followed it, started taking video."

This mysterious creature was caught on tape by the LagoonKeepers.

Don Serrano was with Reynolds. "I didn't know what it was….I was like HEY LOOK! And we moved over and saw it. It was different, very different."

"Little wakes and just kind of moving like this…real long ones too, just like that."

Reynolds remembers, "We sped up on it to catch up to it and we got up on it, it dove down." "Every time we get 10 feet from it, it would just disappear."

What could it be?

"Who knows? I have no idea, but it was something that’s for sure, without a doubt," said Serrano.

Thanks to the LagoonKeepers, until it's identified, it has a name:

Reynolds calls it, "The elusive muck monster!"

Thomas Reinert a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Marine Biologist studied the video and said: "This appears to be one animal moving in this direction…nothing's breaking the surface. Typically dolphins break the surface, sea turtles, manatee, a large school of fish, if it were a shark at that level you would see a fin."

"I cant definitely say what it is." "I can speculate but we need more evidence to determine the identity of the Lake Worth muck monster," said Reinert.

"We spend a lot of time out here on the water and seen a lot of different creatures out here and this is the first time in three and half years that I’ve ever seen anything out here that didn't know what it was," Reynolds said.
"We see dolphins out there, sharks, we always see a fin."

Whatever it is, it certainly has people talking, and watching.

Reynolds jokes "Maybe Nessie’s vacationing in South Florida!"

You can find the original story here. And thanks to Abe Lopez for sending me the link.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Men in Black seen in Needles, Ca after UFO crash.

Back in 2008, a UFO crashed near Needles, California. Witness reports said it had a blueish hue to it. Minutes after the crash, military personal were seen at the crash sight to remove the object. Days later, mysterious men in blacked out vehicles were seen throughout Needles. These men would ask about the UFO and especially about one witness who had been near the crash site when it occurred. The local CBS affiliate decided to do a story on what was going on, which I'm linking below.

Could these mysterious men have been the legendary Men In Black (no not the Will Smith movie, but you never know) that were seen in the heyday of UFO sightings back in the 1960's and 70's? Or were they some sort of counter-intelligence agency trying to diffuse the situation and protect a top secret craft from being discovered? What ever happened, something did crash in Needles and the government knows what happened.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fox News covers UFO sighting in New Jersey

It's a rarity for the news to cover any UFO sightings that may occur, even ones that are seen by many eyewitnesses. Earlier this year there was a mass sighting in New Jersey and the local new station decided to pick up the story.

Not really sure what to make of the video that accompanied the story. My first thought is that it was a Chinese lantern, but the objects didn't drift like lanterns normally do. It could be ultralights flying in a formation, but this would take some damn good flying by several ultralights. Whatever it is, it's interesting to say the least. And it's nice to see the media do a story where the people aren't portrayed as a bunch of crackpots.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Castle Air Museum's haunted B-29 Superfortress Raz'n Hell

Located outside the small town of Atwater, in Merced County lies the Castle Air Museum which was part of the former Castle Air Force Base. The museum is home to over fifty aircraft ranging from World War II, Vietnam, and Cold War era aircraft. One craft there in particular seems to have some particular activity going on.

On the grounds is a restored B-29 Superfortress (this is the same type of aircraft that dropped the atomic bombs on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki) named Raz'n Hell that is haunted by a spirit nicknamed Arthur. No one really knows who Arthur could be, as the plane was pieced together from three separate planes of the same model.

Nose art from the B-29 Superfortress Raz'n Hell.

There have been reports of the landing lights being on, even though all the wiring had been removed. Also the propellers of the plane have been seen to rotate, even though they have been locked into place. Some people have also seen a shadowy figure moving around the cockpit area. There was another incident of a worker doing some repair work in the cockpit when he asked his friend to hand him a wrench. Not looking, he felt the wrench placed in his hand. Completing his work, he happened to look out the window and noticed his friend was outside the plane, not inside as he had though. Looking around, he found that he was the only person in the plane.

Several paranormal groups have investigate the Raz'n Hell and have reported different occurrences. One group believed they had made contact with the spirit of Arthur as they had brought a geigher counter in and it was making noises akin to that of Morse Code (on of the persons in the group was former military and had recognized the patterns). Other groups have reported knocking on the fuselage while in the cockpit.

No one knows who Arthur is, or why he haunts the Raz'n Hell. Perhaps he was part of a crew from one of the planes used to make the Raz'N Hell. Some thing he might have been the radio operator, which would explain why Morse Code was reportedly heard. Perhaps Arthur was someone who worked on the base and served on a B-29 at some time and feels attached to this aircraft for some reason.

I've been to Castle myself and have seen the B-29 and the plane is absolutely gorgeous. For those who have never been to the museum I'd recommend it. Not just for the story of Arthur, but the amount of history that is here.

Here is the link to the plane's page. At the bottom of that page you can find a link to a paranormal group's investigation of the plane that they did with Channel 30.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Legend of the Bardsley Road ghost.

In the small farming community of Exeter, located in Tulare County, there is a rural road that has it's own ghost. The road is called Bardsley Road and supposedly the spirit of a headless motorcycle rider can be seen riding up and down it late at night.

Legend has it that sometime during the 1950's a motorcycle rider was killed on Bardsley Road. A few teenagers wanted to play a prank on one of their classmates. At night time they decided to string a rope across a road they knew he traveled on to get home, at what they estimated to be chest height. As he rode down the road, when he hit the rope he would be knocked off his bike. Or at least that was the plan. Unfortunately they misgauged the height of the rope. When the rider hit it, instead of it coming in contact with his chest, it hit him at the neck decapitating him and killing him instantly.

Apparently the rider never really left the road where he would always ride. Soon after his death, reports of seeing a bright lighting speeding up and down the road were common. Some even said they heard the sound of a motorcycle engine accompanying the light. And a few even said they saw the now headless rider on the road.

When I used to investigate haunted places around the Valley, this story had always peaked my interest and I had talked to a few people about it. One woman told me the story of how she and a few friends were having a bon fire party in one of the vineyards that lined the road. It was about 1:00 am when they saw a bright light coming down the road towards them. Thinking it was the sheriffs trying to break up their party, everyone took off running in separate directions. As the woman is running down one rows of vines, she sees the light following her. As it gets closer she can hear the roar of a motorcycle engine. Having heard of the story of the headless rider, now terrified she ducks under the vines and runs into another row as the ghost rides past her and then disappears.

No one knows why the spirit of the motorcycle rider continues to ride up and down the road. Perhaps he doesn't know he is dead and is trying to find his way home, like he did the night he was killed. Or perhaps he is looking for the people responsible for his death and will ride up and down it until he does.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Multiple witnesses see UFO in San Fernando Valley

In late November of 2008, multiple witnesses saw a strange craft moving through the night skies of Southern California. The witnesses describe the craft as that of a "large V shaped craft" that was silent and had red flashing lights on it's underside.

One couple, who were sitting in their convertible noticed an unusually large object in the north east sky. They described it as "an absolutely enormous V shaped craft" moving slowly north. There were a number of red lights on the craft and a reddish glow emanating or reflecting off the bottom. The witnesses were able to view the object for only a few seconds before it was out of their line of sight.

A witness in Sylmar heard a low humming noise in the sky. As they looked to see what was the cause of the noise, they noticed seven to eight bright red lights on what looked to be a very large triangular shaped craft moving slowly over the northeast end of the San Fernando Valley skies. The witness reported the lights were stationary at first, but suddenly began moving rapidly around the edge of the craft in a strobe like fashion. Then the large object appeared to separate into seven smaller objects, each one had a white light with a red light encircling it rapidly. They all flew off in different directions. The witness also notes that about an hour later, around 10:30, a major fire broke out in the area where the craft were seen flying and wonders if they had anything to do with it.

Two other witnesses first saw a moving light floating across the sky. As it got closer they noticed it was a huge black isosceles triangular shaped craft with eight red lights on the front, left, and right sides. The object was less than 100 feet in the air, and when it was over the witnesses backyard the red lights started blinking very rapidly. They continue to describe the craft as the sides being several hundred feet in length and roughly fifty feet in height. They noticed following the craft were dozens of helicopters and other aircraft.

Another report states that a couple in Calabasas witnessed the craft as they were having dinner on their deck overlooking the San Fernando Valley. It was a very large, silent, V shaped craft that had red flashing lights around it's perimeter and was moving from south to north.

What's really interesting is that the Calabasas witnesses stated that what they saw was similar to what was seen in a video taken the previous year along a stretch of Interstate 5. That's right, it was this video that I had made a post on earlier in the year.

Now I had stated earlier that most of the sightings on the stretch of Interstate 5 were crop dusters, but this is different. What these multiple witnesses have described is very similar to what is seen in the above video. One, that is no way a cropduster as I've never seen a crop duster look anything like that, and I grew up on a farm. Two, this was seen by multiple witnesses in San Fernando Valley, the most heavily populated area in California, if not the West Coast. Why would there be a crop duster there, and in November? Hopefully someone out there was able to record some video of this object that way it can be compared to the I-5 lights.

Here's the original story with more detailed reports of what the witnesses saw.