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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Is Disney California Adventures haunted by the ghost of a little girl?

The entrance to Disney California Adventures. - Photo taken by me Oct. 2012

Most of you that know me personally know of how great my love/obsession with Disneyland is. Since 2012 I have been there multiple times. I even wrote something on the ghosts of Disneyland which I really need to revisit sometime soon. So imagine my surprise when I was told of a new story, this time across from the original park at Disney's California Adventures. 


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My friend Michele shared with me the above Tik Tok video of someone claiming that multiple people have unknowingly seen the ghost of a little girl at California Adventure. He had stated in an earlier video that he was at the lockers as you first enter the park and saw a little girl out of the corner of his eyes. Turning to look she suddenly wasn't there. He was accompanied by his sister and she had the same experience. Current and former cast members started to comment they had seen her too, one former member who used to work one of the candy stores in DCA even told a story on how he was working late one night and on his walkie talkie he could hear security calling out a little girl being seen in different parts in the park and could even be seen on camera. 


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So multiple have claimed to see this little girl in different parks at different times and even when the park is closed, but is this really a ghost and if so where is there any data to back this up? Doing a bit of digging on the Disneyland forums I found a post from someone that a little girl was killed in the old Disneyland parking lot some time in 1985. If true this would make sense as Disney's California Adventure was built over the old parking lot. Doing a quick Google search I was able to find out that this story was indeed true and that sadly around September 15 1985 a seven year old girl was crushed by a tour bus from Santa Barbara. Apparently she was trying to cross the lot with a relative and somehow fell into the side of the bus. Sadly the poor thing was ran over by the rear wheels of the bus and was killed. The link to the original article can be found here.

So now we have a confirmed death and numerous sightings of a little girl wandering the park by multiple witnesses. This has me wondering, does she not know she is dead and in a state of confusion is looking for the relative that was with her when she died? Or does she know that she is and instead wanders the park, eternally enjoying the place as a little kid? One thing is for sure is that numerous people have seen her and Disneyland may not just be the happiest place on earth but one of the most haunted.

Also you can find me here on Tik Tok. I'm trying to add old videos and will be posting some new ones as well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Is Fresno County's town of Friant a paranormal hotspot?

Millerton Lake which is near Friant, CA. Is this location a paranormal hot spot?
Photo courtesy of Rennett Stowe from Flickr.

I know it's been A WHILE since I have written anything. Given the past year and a half it's been hard to really go anywhere but hopefully that will be changing soon. Still I was itching to write something as it's been over two years and since then I had focused more on social media and let this site lay fallow, something I want to fix. So I decided to check out the National UFO Reporting Center for any local sightings but with a different focus, not on the newness of the sightings, but the location.

I found a few that occurred over in Friant by Millerton lake. Now you are probably asking yourself why I picked Friant, and here is why. I've been reading a lot the past year on different theories about UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, etc. and came across the idea of a place that is considered "thin". This is an old (think pre-Christian) Irish concept of where the veil between worlds is thin. Now you are probably asking yourself "Ok but why Friant and UFOs?" Well I am glad you asked that. There is a theory out there with some paranormal researchers that UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, etc. are all from the same place so to speak. Ever hear of Skinwalker Ranch? That place has everything and is considered to be a thin place. And I think Friant is also one of those. And here's why.

Remember the story I wrote about Lost Lake and the ghosts that haunt the place plus the weird creature that was supposedly seen in the water? Right near Friant. Remember the story of the phantom police officer on Friant Road? Yep, that's another. Oh remember that poor woman who was found amnesiac wandering near Millerton thinking she was a mermaid? Also Friant. And let's not forget the numerous sightings of large fish or some other strange creature swimming in the waters of Millerton Lake.

So we have all these weird things around this one location? But no UFO sightings right? Well that's where the before mentioned National UFO Reporting Center comes into play. I was able to find two sightings reported sightings around the Friant area. Now I know these are only two sightings within the last twenty years of so, but imagine all the UFOs that weren't reported either because people didn't know how or weren't aware of a way to report these sightings.

That said below are the two reported sightings. Both were of strange lights seen in the skies. I have included the text from the original reports as well as the link to them.

Reported: 8/1/2018 6:19:06 PM 18:19
Location: Friant, CA
Shape: Light

Summer of 2017, Friant, California… On the Madera side of Millerton, there is a dead end in which families can set up BBQ's and a dock for people with boats. It was approximately 9:40 when my boyfriend and i noticed people hanging out on the dock enjoying the stars.

We decided to walk down to the dock and do the same. When we got to the dock we sat down for a few moments to wait for the other people to leave so we could sit at the very end. Eventually they left and we sat on the end. Just looking into the sky discussing our relationship problems no more than two minutes into the conversation we notice a light flying smoothly threw the sky, not fast like a jet and not slow like a airplane.. It just glided vertically through the sky and before we knew it, it zoomed up into the sky horizontally and just disappeared. As it zoomed up to disappear it didnt just move at a crazy speed its almost if it just faded up into the sky. We could depict what it was, we were ! so shocked we couldn't bring our minds the the thought of us actually sighting a ufo. Crazy part is, you'd think we'd be so stoked and tell our family, but its as if the whole moment slipped our mind cause we never brought up… i'm a strong believer so how could something like this just slip my mind til this year of 2018? How did i not instantly react and pull out my phone? It's like being stuck in the moment made us forget what was really happening…


Reported: 9/25/2012 11:40:00 AM 11:40
Location: Friant, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Flying colors in the middle of nowhere.

I was driving down the road which was empty at the time and looked up at the sky because I saw pretty colors which were red, green and blue

At first I thought it was a reflection of something but quickly noticed it wasn't. I pulled over so I could get a clean clear picture because it was so close and my phone froze, which has never happened before.

By the time my phone unfroze it was gone.

And I don't do drugs or drink and I wasn't sleepy, it was not my imagination playing tricks on me.


Back to the thin theory and why I think Friant is one of these places. It's rare to have the trinity of paranormal in the same area (Bridgewater Triangle in Southeast Massachusetts is another). I know I have been saying this but I definitely need to explore this area some more, specifically Lost Lake. But I wouldn't be surprised if the town of Friant has some stories. And lets not forget that the original town of Millerton lies at the bottom of the lake ever since the dam was built. Now no one died due to the flooding but I wonder what lies at the bottom of the lake? That said the area is definitely a place I need to revisit soon and hopefully it won't take me another two years to write about it.