Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Does a secret vampire underground society exist in Fresno?

Cleaning up my inbox this evening I came across an email I received back in June 2011 from a local paranormal investigator. In it they asked me if I had every heard of an underground society in the Fresno area that possibly had vampiric practices. The person also mentioned something about a door on Belmont Ave under the overpass that's east of Roeding Park and it being a possible entrance to an underground area where the society supposedly meets.

From the description they gave me the door is sometimes locked, but is usually left ajar. The investigator asked around and was told it was nothing more than a maintenance room but decided to investigate for themselves. They parked their car a bit away and walked to the door. Unfortunately the door was padlocked but the way the lock is set up you can somewhat squeeze in to have a look (if you look at the photo I posted you can see what the person meant). They were able to shine a light inside and saw a set of stairs going down and nothing that would portray the room as being something for storing maintenance supplies there.

The door to a secret undergound society? Or to a broom closet?

Now I wrote the person back but never received a response. Could the person be trying to pull a fast one on me? Perhaps. Or the conspiracy theorist would say the person who contacted me was "taken care of" by the underground society (I like to think they have their own version of Luca Brasi). But if that was the case, why not me as well? Most likely this was just some rumor the person heard and knowing that I like to keep track of all things strange in Fresno, contacted me to see if I knew of anything. And when I said I didn't, they probably lost interest in the subject.

But that doesn't mean there aren't secret societies in Fresno. There's a Freemason Lodge on Shields Avenue, and I believe there is also a Odd Fellow's Lodge in the area too. I know these aren't that secret anymore; but they still are clouded in mystery, especially the Freemasons. As for any vampiric secret societies in the Fresno area, I doubt they exist. But if they do, please feel free to have a member contact me. But just don't drink my blood. I imagine with the amount of nachos I eat it would be like drinking Tapatio.


Anonymous said...

Its a location were the hypes and homeless would hangout .Heard a story that the night club buy the overpass that some prostitutes would take care of their clients their when it was open .They would do their thing and go back into the night club for more action . Occasionally those locks get broke and people hang out .With the economy getting worse more and more people will seek shelter any way they can and you know it is not safe to stay in the park at night .

Anonymous said...

it definately is a underground tunnel that runs to chinatown.. back in the day was used with silent auctions prostitution and drug dealing, not to mention great way to lose police in a foot race due to the fact there were doors all thru chinatowns small businesses,from my understanding a main entry point was the theatre across from citibank. but i believe the city now blocked alot of those doors due to all the illegal activity that was going on. this is info i recieved from grand parents and older family around the time it was used. ask your grand parents im sure they might have a little info on if they remember it being around.

Anonymous said...

Definitely true.I've ask my grandparents and Those tunnels do exist, who knows how many bad things happend down there. None of it would be documented either cuz no one would talk about those type of things bk then.

AndrewD said...

Interesting, I just had to leave Fresno and drove my family all the way across the US because of a situation that was developing in my home. I certain my wife had secretly something to do with some secret organization there. Supernatural or not they have vast resources and technologies. I'm a firm believer that there's no such thing as magic just misunderstood tech. but what the hell do I know. these people had cross-linked my computer phones, I-phone TV Camera, ect... They also were using the crawl space under the house and made entrances and exits through the floor, bathrooms, and attic. I'm certain they had even dug tunnels under the house connected to, I don't know where. why? Other than having access to my wife, I don't know but suspect many things. I took some pictures of little hand and footprints. Made recordings of noises and other things but what does this prove,,, absolutely nothing. It sounds like im paranoid, on drugs, or Schizophrenic. And that's the beauty of it, this sounds absolutely insane. My wife never told me anything and said she doesn't remember anything about our time there, of course she has had a complete mental breakdown now. To the individuals that have done this to her and my family, it would be nice if you would use some of those resources to help her. she has never said anything of note to me and I have grilled her, so Im sure she hasn't broken any of your secret squirrel rules. To whom so ever is in charge feel free to contact me I would love to know some of the rules. As for the rest of you that don't believe me,,, That's fine but I feel pitty for you. The woles need sheep to eat.