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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strange creatures captured on surveillance camera in Fresno

In my search for strange things seen in Fresno, I came across this video on YouTube. It's of a surveillance camera located somewhere in Fresno (not sure where, I'm trying to find out). In the video, you see two strange figures walking across the field of view of the camera. I honestly don't know if it's supposed to be a ghost, alien, or something else. But it's plain weird. Unfortunately the video isn't the original, but a recording someone filmed at a conference.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fresno and Clovis Ghost Walks

This year the Fresno/Clovis metropolotan area has two haunted ghost tours that people can partake in.

The first is the one in the Tower District, and it is the same as last year. People attending will stroll up and down Olive Ave. and hear about the spirits that haunt the Tower District. You will hear the stories of a cook who has never left the basement of their home, a spirit who minds their store even though they are no longer with us, and perhaps one who protects a building from fires.

New this year is a haunted walk in Old Town Clovis. The tour is on Polasky Ave. and you will hear stories of love, loyalty, and mystery. Stories of the men and women who took a chance and settled the area over a hundred years ago, and perhaps never left.

Both tours are being conducted by Nightfall Tours and are sponsored by Central Callifornia Paranormal Investigators. The tours are not scary and are intended for people over the age of 18.

The tours will be held on Friday and Saturday nights from 7:30 - 9:30 pm and the cost is $18 per person. Reservations can be made at 559-260-1738 or contact Nightfal Tours at

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ufos in the Central Valley

So I'm watching this special on ABC Channel 30 right now called UFO's Seeing Is Believing. It's the usual drivel that the networks air every few years or so. They touch on the modern history of Ufology starting with Kenneth Arnold, the abduction phenoma (whether it's real or just sleep parylis) and of course Roswell. This is stuff I've heard before and nothing really new except for the new SETI installation in Northern California which has been mostly funded by Paul Allen.

I honestly wonder what the network hopes to gain from this besides ratings (and it's not even sweeps yet). They aren't adding anything really except maybe getting a few interested in the subject matter. But honestly who hasn't heard of UFO's, with the widespread of information available on the internet? I could go consipary theory and theorize that this is something put out by the government to confuse people. What better way to hide a secret then by leaking information by people who aren't reputable and are considered "nut jobs"? Honestly I don't believe that though I think the government isn't letting the public know everything. And for good reasons. Imagine the mass hysteria that would ensue if the public were made aware that aliens exist? The bible says that man was created in the image of God. Enter a bug eyed alien to through everything into chaos. I'm sure we'll find out one day. I hope.

I did see a UFO once. Not sure what it really was. But that's a story for another day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Watts Valley Wolf Ape

There are stories of a strange creature prowling the foothills of Fresno County, of a strange creature with long grey mangy hair and the face of an ape or baboon and has both human like hands and feet. It always appears to be sick, coughing and foaming at the mouth. Legend calls it the Devil Ape or Devil Fang, but lately it has gone by the name of Watts Valley Wolf Ape as it has been seen near the Watts Valley Cemetery.

There are stories aplenty of the Wolf Ape, that the first Native Americans that came over the Bearing Straight co-existed with the creature and that there are even drawings of strange creatures that traveled with the Native Americans. When the Europeans came they found these odd drawings, but no signs of the Wolf Ape.

There is a story that legendary photographer Ansel Adams was taking pictures in Yosemite one day when a pack of Wolf Apes came upon him while he was in his tent and he had to stay there for safety.

An even more peculiar story is that of a Wolf Ape entering a single room school house one day and terrorizing the students and teacher. The children piled up their desks together and climbed up to the safety of the rafters while the teacher was able to lock himself into a closet. The Wolf Ape tore through the children’s desks to get at their lunches. Finally after getting it’s fill it left.

Yet another odd story describes a preacher shot a Wolf Ape back in the 1950’s claiming it to be a “pet” of Satan. He hung it up on the church walls and the story claims the animal to be at least ten feet long. Apparently the preacher got into a bit of trouble as the Wolf Ape continue to hang on the church for several weeks, and understandably the place begin to smell foul. So the preacher sold it to a traveling circus freak show and with the money he made off of it he traveled up to San Francisco with the dream of starting his own church up there. He was murdered soon after and his body was so badly mutilated that it took several months to identify the body. Whispers of a curse of the Wolf Ape was the cause of the preacher’s death.

Things were quiet for a while, but around the mid 1990’s a Wolf Ape was seen at Bass Lake (which is in Madera County) drinking water from the small lake. Interesting enough, people mistook it for a hairy man who happened to walk on all fours.

The most recent and detailed story was recanted on a local Fresno radio station. There were two witnesses, a man and his uncle, who were hunting for garnets near Watts Valley Cemetery when a Wolf Ape came out of the bushes. The creature was described as six foot long grey haired mangy dog with a face like a baboon whose eyes were flat on its face like a human’s. It opened its mouth but only a moan escaped its widening maw and then made a strange sound like a cough. Both witnesses began to run from the creature as it began to chase them. The man threw his lunch at the creature but this only stopped him momentarily. It continued to stalk them over the hills and the two witnesses hopped over fences and ran through pastures trying to escape the creature. Cows fled as it chased the two men. Finally they found themselves in the Watts Valley Cemetery and hid behind some tombstones, hoping to lose the beast. Unfortunately it caught their scent and started to come towards them when, in a moment of genius, the uncle threw some cinnamon flavored chewing gum near the beast hoping the scent would distract it. It worked and the beast was momentarily occupied. Soon after that a caretaker for the small cemetery arrived and offered to give the two men a ride back to their car several miles away. All three watched the strange creature for a few more minutes in the safety of the caretaker’s truck before it went away.

Not much is known about this creature. Theories from failed genetic experiments escaping to another type of Bigfoot have been discussed. Whatever it may be, it seems to be sick and if cornered this makes it a dangerous animal.

Note: I had posted this on a wordpress blog I had done years ago, but am reposting it here.

An introduction.

Since the Fresno blogosphere has been taking off as of late, I wanted some way to add to it but do something that no one else was. So given my interest in the paranormal and just weird stuff in general I thought I'd do a blog that dealt with the subject in the Fresno area. So with that I give you Weird Fresno.