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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Fresno State’s campus haunted?

Cadavers, a bloody chainsaw and a dismembered body are things that you expect from a horror movie, but little do many students know that they are actually part of Fresno State history.

Some of the upstairs practice rooms in the Music building are rumored to be haunted.

Strong winds and unexpected lightning lit the night sky as DJ Clovis, a senior music performance major, said that he heard strange noises in the music building.

“Some people say that they hear voices or whistling in the practice rooms,” Clovis said.

There are other buildings on campus that hold some surprising tools used for studying.

Some classes held in Mclane Hall require students to work with cadavers. Amanda Lopez, a junior physical therapy major, is taking one of these classes. She said the rooms are always cold and have a morgue-like feel.

Being there alone is not something that she likes to do.

“It’s the whole setting,” Lopez said. “It’s cold and you know the bodies are there and they’re dead. You see all of these movies that bring up things in your head that freaks you out. You know that they are not true, but still.”

Another building that has a creepy story is the Mckee Fisk building.

Greg Lewis, a mass communication and journalism professor, said that late one night he was showing a few people the plaque in memory of Roger Tatarian, just outside of Mckee Fisk.

He stood on the plaque and said, “Hello, Roger.” Just then, the automatic doors behind him opened and closed by themselves.

According to an article written by Donald E. Coleman of the Fresno Bee in October of 1997, there is one professor from Fresno State history who has been referred to as “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Almost 20 years ago, Max Bernard Franc, a former political science professor from Fresno State, was arrested in August of 1988 for the murder of Tracy Leroy Nute.

Police discovered Franc after he rented and returned a chainsaw that was stained with blood, still containing bits of flesh.

He was charged for shooting Nute, and then cutting up the body to get it out of his apartment in west Hollywood. Parts of the body were found in Madera County and Los Angeles County.

If you happen to be on campus and feel a cold chill or your hair stand up, remember that it may be more than just your imagination.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Black helicopters seen in Fresno after UFO sighting in May 1997

On Tuesday, May 20, 1997, viewers in Fresno, California were startled when Channel 30, the city's ABC-TV affiliate, aired a 15-minute segment on UFOs.

Highlighting the segment was a brief tape, alleged to have been shot in Fresno, showing "a round glowing object."

Prior to the Channel 30 presentation, city residents had been puzzled by reports of black helicopters on patrol over McKinley, Belmont and Olive Avenues, just north of Chandler Airport.

Eyewitness Jeff Heuer, who lives near McKinley Avenue, said he saw one black helicopter flying over the neighborhood on May 10 at about 9 p.m. The black chopper was flying low, about 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground, at an estimated speed of 160 mph.

One week later, on Saturday, May 17, 1997, at 10 p.m., Heuer spotted two more black helicopters. "There were two of them in close formation," he reported, "No sound, no exhaust, and no flashing lights--just a steady white light. They flew very close to the ground, from the southeast to the northwest. (Kings Canyon Road to Herndon Avenue-J.T.) Definitely looked like helicopters--but very Stealth-like."

Questioned about the helicopters' appearance, Heuer said they had a "wide fuselage, no visible (tail) rotor, could not see underbelly--no visible landing gear. No noise of any type. No exhaust. Both were in tight formation, with one just in front of the other. The one in the rear seemed to be on the right-hand side of the one in the lead."

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Landowner sells haunted building to get rid of ghost.

In an attempt to decrease the eerie noises emanating from the dilapidated dredge, the private landowner sold part of the California land that the Dredge rested on. The purchaser agreed to move his part of the dredge to Australia immediately. The unsuspecting purchaser was not aware of the ghost sightings and loud banging noises that accompanied the Tuolumne Dredge's history.

The proposed haunted dredge.

The California man later found the ghostly apparitions refused to part ways with his portion of the dredge. Alarmingly, the sounds grew louder, especially the knocking coming from the pipes. The other part of the dredge that was dismantled, transported, and resurrected took longer than expected. When the Australian man finally completed the project, he immediately called the California man with reports of the dredge's spooky haunt and loud banging pipes. The Californian has abandoned the dredge due to fear of what he saw (but won't talk about!) and let the weeds grow around it. Instead of the weeds, the woods have taken it over. The other part of the dredge in Australia has been worked to restore its original condition. Both owners have been unable to solve where the mysterious sights and sounds are originating.

The original story can be found here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interstate 5 Mystery Lights Solved?

About a week ago I received an e-mail from someone in Phoenix regarding the mystery lights that had been appearing on Interstate 5. They had been driving back from San Francisco on I-5 on their way home to Phoenix. According to them, it was around 11:30 pm and they were about 130 miles south of San Francisco when they saw strange lights ahead of them. Luckily they had a video camera with them and were able to record the object as they drove past it on the highway. From all the video’s I have seen taken out on I-5, this is the best one I have seen and may finally determine what some people have been seeing.

In the video you can see three bright lights and as the object turns you can see a fourth, dimmer, one at the end where the tail of an airplane would be. This leads me to believe that this is a crop duster and is probably what most people have seen. I know in a previous post I had discounted the notion of a crop duster but I did some research and found out that most dusting is done at night so that the chemicals sprayed won’t evaporate as much as they would if sprayed during the day. Also, some spraying of mosquitoes for West Nile virus is also done at night for the same reason.

I’m not closing the case on these sightings just yet. There is still the question of what this video shows. Still I’d like to go out there sometime soon and hopefully see a crop duster and get it on film, verifying it for a fact as man made. Knowing my luck, I’ll video something different and will only raise more questions.