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Friday, July 31, 2009

Cattle mutilations in the Fresno area?

For those who don’t know, cattle mutilations are the apparent killing and then mutilation of cattle under strange or unusual circumstances. Signs of these incidents are the apparent surgical nature of the mutilation, and unexplained phenomena such as the complete draining of animal’s blood, loss of internal organs with the point of entry not apparent. Most bodies are found in an area where there are no marks or tracks leading to or from it. Surgical-type wounds can also be found and they tend to be cauterized by an intense heat and made by a very sharp instrument, with no bleeding evident. Flesh is usually removed to the bone in an exact manner, such as the removal of flesh around the jaw exposing the mandible.

Reports of cattle mutilation go back as far as the early 1960’s when incidents begin occurring in Pennsylvania and Kansas. It remained largely unknown to the general population until an incident in Pueblo, Colorado where the local newspaper did a report on a mutilation and was picked up by the wider press and distributed nationwide. Interestingly enough, this was the first incident to speculation that extraterrestrials and UFO’s were somehow associated with the mutilation. By the late 1970’s there were reports of cattle mutilations all across America and even the FBI was asked to investigate what was going on.

Though the exact nature varies from case to case, mutilations can have any of the following:
  • The removal of eyes, udders and sexual organs very cleanly with surgical precision
  • The removal of the lips and tongue.
  • The removal of only one ear.
  • The removal of major organs with no obvious entry/ excision marks.
  • The stripping of hide and flesh from the jaw and the area beneath the ear.
  • Lack of any signs of predators (i.e. teeth marks, tearing of the skin or flesh) around the carcass.
  • No signs of scavenging.
  • Many cases the majority of the blood has been drained from the animal. What is left may not coagulate for several days.
  • As previously mentioned, the animal appears dumped or dropped in a secluded area, with no tracks leading to or from the site.
  • Strange marks or holes in the ground around the carcass.
  • Some eyewitnesses report seeing aerial objects in the vicinity of cattle at the time the animal goes missing.
As with most strange phenomena, there are several possible explanations to cattle mutilations. Theories range from death by natural causes to purposeful acts by unknown individuals. In 1979 the FBI decided to investigate the occurrences due to increasing public pressure. After a lengthy investigation their report said that the mutilations were predominantly the result of natural predators, but some had anomalies that could not be explained. The FBI was unable to name any individuals that were responsible. Scientist and veterinarians have theories of their own. Most think that the “mutilated” animals died of natural causes and then were degraded by known scavengers. There is also the theory that people are to blame for this. Some thought it could be perhaps the work of a cult doing some sort of ritual, but there has been no concrete proof to explain this. Though there have been reports of seeing figures in black hooded robes near areas were mutilations occurred, there was no way to prove if this was true or not.

The more popular theories include either government or military experimentation or aliens and UFO’s. There have been reports of seeing “black helicopters” in the area of the mutilations. Black helicopters are basically unmarked military helicopters with no identification whatsoever. There was one reported incident that two unmarked aircraft opened fire on a farmer driving his tractor near a mutilation site in Iowa, though the validity of this story is questionable.

And finally various theories suggest cattle mutilations have been committed by aliens for the purpose of gather genetic material for some unknown reason. These theories are based solely on the idea that such clean and precise dissections in such a short amount of time with no evidence could not be performed by earthly means. Some even think that since cows make up a significant part of the human diet, a study is being carried out on this part of the food chain.

Most of these occurrences have occurred in the Midwest, but there have been some reported in California as well. A few years ago there was a rash of cattle mutilations in the Red Bluff area and the cause was never determined. This has me wondering if there have been any occurrences of mutilations in the Central Valley. The foothills are known for their cattle ranches and it wouldn’t surprise me if one or two cattle died of mysterious causes and have yet to be reported.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strange alien like creature caught on film in Peru

Apparently there's all sorts of strange creatures wandering around in South America. A while back I had posted about the El Duende sightings in Argentina and now there's this strange, stick like creature wandering around.

At about the 10 second mark, you see a very thin, hunched over creature moving on the middle right side of the screen. It moves right and then disappears off screen.

As usual the video isn't the best, and since my Spanish is lacking to say the least, I have no idea what in the hell they are saying. Who knows what this is. Though my theory is that it was nothing more than Gumby on vacation in Peru.

Friday, July 24, 2009

UFO seen in Santa Cruz on July 18, 2009

Now I know Santa Cruz is a bit outside the Fresno area, but since I am going there this weekend I'd thought I'd post this video (maybe I'll get lucky and see it). In the video you see three orange-ish lights in a triangle formation. For some reason the person operating the camera zooms in on the "base" of the triangle and then onto a single light.

As usual I'm not sure what to think on these videos. The camera obviously wasn't meant for shooting these kind of things (but honestly who keeps a high end camera laying around ready to shoot UFO's?), but still it's better than some I have seen. Honestly I wonder if it's a couple of Chinese Paper Laterns, similar to what my sister and I saw on Thanksgiving 2008. Interesting video nonetheless.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The ghosts of Fresno's Roosevelt High School

The main entrance of Roosevelt High School

Ask anyone who has attended Roosevelt High School in Fresno if it's haunted and more likely than not the answer will be yes. The school is rumored to have two spirits haunting it, and they have been there for several decades.

The East Hall of Roosevelt High School, where the spirit of a student is said
to roam the old boys restroom.

The first one is regarding the story of a boy who committed suicide in the boys restroom in the East Hall. No one knows why he took his life, but the restroom was reportedly locked for many years because of this. People have reported hearing them when they are by themselves. A janitor who was working late one night said he heard someone coughing in the old restroom. When he went to check to see if anyone was there, no one could be found. Others have said they feel an unnatural cold sensation in the room. The restroom was used for storage for many years, but finally reopened in the 2007 - 2008 school year.

The auditorium of Roosevelt High School where the spirit of a student is
still seen on stage.

The other ghost can be found in the school's auditorium. The story goes that sometime in 1977, a student named Lester was performing on stage and suddenly died. Speculation said it was either dehydration or possibly a heart attack. Whatever the cause of his untimely death may be, for some reason Lester has not left the auditorium. People have reported seeing him mostly on the stage, though others have felt a presence back stage and even the seating area.

If you look at the thread I started on Fresno Famous, there are plenty of stories about Roosevelt's ghosts. Something has to be walking that auditorium late at night and roaming the boys restroom in the East Hall if people keep reporting it. Yet no one knows why these spirits continue to haunt the places where they have died.

Monday, July 20, 2009

UFO spotted over Fresno on 7/8/09

Recently, on July 08, 2009 a UFO was filmed over the Fresno area. Despite the shaky camera work you can see three separate objects that are glowing a bright orange color. To be honest I have no clue what this could be, perhaps it's the sunlight reflecting off an air plane but that doesn't explain why you see three separate objects. When I first saw the video I thought perhaps it was a meteor breaking up in the sky, but the object is rather stationary so I doubt that can be it. Below is the video. Judge for yourself.

Thanks to The Fresnan for sending me the link to the video.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Did an innocent girl share a dance with the Devil at the Rainbow Ballroom?

The Rainbow Ballroom on Broadway in downtown Fresno. There's a story that several decades ago there was a dance held at the Rainbow Ballroom, in downtown Fresno. The place was filled with many people, and at this dance there was a handsome man that everyone seemed to be noticing and talking about. He was tall, had dark features, and was dressed in an expensive white suit.

As the night wore on, he asked a young woman by the name of Patricia to dance. She was happy that she was chosen out of all the woman there and began dancing with the handsome stranger, who was said to have a very smooth sounding voice.

 As the night continued, they danced and danced. For some reason she looked down and saw the man's feet. To her horror, one of the man's feet resembled a huge chicken foot. Terrified at what she saw she began screaming loudly. Everyone stopped dancing at the sounds of her screaming and looked at her to see what was going on. They saw the man's strange foot and could not believe what they were seeing. At that moment he smiled at everyone and disappeared.

 No one knows who this strange man was. Some say he was a ghost of a man that was killed there years ago, others say he was a demon playing that enjoyed scaring young women. And then some say it was the Devil himself, reminding everyone that they won't know who he is until it's too late.

The Legend of Snake Road

Located in eastern Fresno County is the small farming community of Sanger. South of this small town is a street called Channel Road. Due to it's windy nature it has been nicknamed "Snake Road".

Legend has it that one night a woman was driving down Snake Road with her two young daughters, when she took one of the many curves of the road too fast and drove off the road and wound up crashing her car into the nearby Kings River. Unfortunately she was unable to unbuckle her seat belt and drowned at the site of the accident. Her children were able get free of the car, but the drowned a mile downstream. There have been reports of a woman crying and dressed in white walking down the windy road calling out to her lost children and if anyone approaches her she asks them if they have seen her children.

I had first heard of this story back in 2000, so one night several friends and I went to investigate the road for ourselves. Upon arriving at the road, we found it's nickname held true as the road was curved so much that the fastest we could go at a safe speed was 25 mph. We drove the road twice, hoping we would get lucky and actually see the woman, but we didn't see anything. Not sure what to do next, we decided to investigate a wooded part of the road at one of the curves hoping this could have been the location of the accident.

We entered the wooded area armed with flashlights, cameras, a camcorder, and an EMF detector. For those who don't know an EMF meter detects changes in the electromagnetic field. There is a theory that ghosts can effect this field in some manner and the detector can show this. We were about twenty feet from the road, completely surrounded by trees when we started hearing footsteps behind us. They would follow us as we were walking but stop when we did. We called out to see if anyone was there, but got no answer. We continued to walk and the footsteps would continue. At this point we saw a strange light flashing in the distance and the EMF meter went off, signaling something was disrupting the magnetic field. We started snapping pictures, but all we got were the typical dust orbs.

At this point we weren't sure who or what was following us. We had come across a sign that said "Y2K Trail" with an arrow pointing towards an opening. So we weren't sure if it was some survivalist nut following us or the lady in white. We felt it was best we get out of there and proceeded to go back to our car. And to cap off a strange night, right at that moment a car sped by us at a fast pace and nearly drove off the road. Needless to say we got the hell out of there.

For several years I believed the story of Snake Road. That was until I came across a piece of Mexican folklore about a lady in white, or La Llorana. The story of her is similar to the one I heard about Snake Road. But this time the woman drowns her children and then distraught drowns herself. She can be seen walking the area where she drowned her children, crying and searching for her children. If anyone approaches the woman she proceeds to drown them as well.

Apparently this story is common throughout the southwest of America and even the Fresno area has another story similar to the Snake Road one. This time it's located on the San Joaquin River on the near the bridge for Hwy. 99. So now we have the same ghost haunting two locations. From what I read about La Llorona is that people would tell the story to prevent their children from going near bodies of water, presumably to keep them from entering the water and drowning.

But what was the strange light I saw that night? And what about the footsteps that were following us? Was it nothing more than some survivalist following us? Or was this story of the lady in white actually true? I may never know.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Octomom Nadya Suleman says house is haunted

She’s got fourteen kids and now the Octomom Nadya Suleman thinks she may have one more "little one" living at her home in La Habra, CA – a child ghost!

In an exclusive (and yes, bizarre) new interview with, Nadya says a few days ago, she heard a soft whisper saying “mommy.”

"There are no such things as ghosts”, Nadya says, “but that really did scare me."

Nadya also shows us the room where she thinks the spirit lives -- a room that was supposed to be quarters for her nannies -- but instead, is used only to store toys.

“It’s unusually cold in here,” she says, opening the door to the room

“I never, ever want to be alone really in this house. I don’t want the children in this house ever,” she says.

Nadya also says a friend told her she felt something pulling at her leg in the Octo-home.

And, as if that’s not strange enough, Nadya says one of her nannies heard a noise and saw a small child run into a room upstairs, but when she looked around, no one was there.

“This is something you’re not supposed to believe in if you are a believer in God, but it’s something that I’m a little worried about. But when you’re scared, you keep praying and ask it kindly to leave politely, and pray and hopefully that will work.”

Just in case it won’t leave on its own, Nadya says she’s going to place up to 20 Bibles around the home to ward off any spirits.

Original story can be found here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The ghosts of Springville Inn

Located east of Porterville in Tulare County, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is the small town of Springville. Since 1911 the Springville Inn has been at the heart of the town. The town itself has been around since 1849 when pioneers settled the area. The Inn itself was built with the coming of the railroad to Springville. At that time it was known as the Wilkinson Hotel. Unfortunately during construction, the owners went broke and were forced to sell the property. An addition was done to the building in 1972, which holds all the rooms of the hotel. The original building is now a restaurant on the bottom floor and a bar/ dance hall on the second.

The Springville Inn has four ghosts that wander only the original building built in 1911. They have not been seen in the hotel nor in an addition to the restaurant that was done in 1979. A local historian states that there was no coroner or morgue in Springville, so bodies were placed upstairs on ice before being transported to Porterville.

No one truly knows the identities of the ghosts as records from the area are incomplete. But the workers at the Inn have given them nicknames. There is the "Young Man" who appears to be a handsome logger in his twenties. There is the "Little Girl" who is around eight years of age and wearing an old fashioned clothes. The "Woman", very beautiful with long blond hair and wearing a dress. And finally the "Old Man".

The "Young Man" is seen mostly around the bar and what was the location of the original staircase. He is known to be a flirt, and will brush up against women to make his presence known. Not much is known about him, other that he was a logger and was said to have been shot outside the Inn. He was carried into the hotel where he bled to death. He had also been seen walking hand in hand with the "Little Girl" but not recently.

As for the "Little Girl", she was last seen by an employee who was washing dishes. The employee saw the girl watching her from a mirror. She turned around and no one was there. Frightened, she ask the owners to remove the mirror and the "Little Girl" hasn't been seen since.

The "Woman" is usually seen floating on the balcony surrounding the penthouse or seen wandering the second floor hallways in the main building. Not much is known about her.

Finally, the "Old Man" mostly keeps himself to the kitchen, but has had the most contact with past and current employees. He has been seen staring up or down into the dumbwaiter joining the lower and upper kitchens. The staff feel that he is watching over them and is not shy as he frequently makes himself seen.

I had a chance to investigate the Springville Inn several years ago with a group and had a great time there. I actually had a few experiences of my own when I was there. While having dinner in the restaurant, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a blond woman walking outside. She walked past one window, but did not appear in the second one after the three feet of wall separating the two. Not really sure what happened, but the walkway that she was on is several feet above the street and the windows where I saw her were nowhere near the stairs to get to the street. This could have been the "Woman", but I honestly didn't get a good look at her.

The other incident happened after dinner while I was waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. I was watching TV in one of the rooms, when suddenly a cabinet door swung open. I got up to investigate the door, thinking maybe the hinge was broken. I open and closed it several times but the hinge was in working order. I thought maybe someone was trying to say hi to me, but remembered that the ghosts haunted the original building only. I mentioned this later to one of the employees and they said that people have had strange experiences in the rooms. One even complained of seeing sparkling lights on the ceiling. They thought it was coming from cars outside, but upon checking there were none there. Even after closing the curtains the strange lights still were seen. The person then left the next morning after canceling the rest of their stay there.

The Springville Inn is a great place to visit and the staff was more than accommodating and if not busy will gladly tell you any stories they might know. If you are looking for a weekend getaway and want something different I'd definitely recommend taking the two hour drive to Springville and staying at the Inn. Not only is it a wonderful little town, but it's nestled in the Sierra Nevadas and minutes from the Giant Sequoia National Monument. For more info on the Inn as well as a bit of history of the surrounding area, here's the Inn's website.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unknown creature discovered in North Carolina sewer

This video was supposedly taken in some sewers under Cameron Village in Raleigh, North Carolina. I honestly have no idea what it is. Some people have been saying it's a viral marketing campaigning for some new monster movie (think Cloverfield), others are saying it's some sort of mutated creature (Flukeboy from X Files comes to mind), and of course there's talk of it being some sort of alien creature making it's home in the sewers. Here's the video. You decide for yourself.

All I can say about this whether it be fake or not is this. Kill it with fire. Now.