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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lodge in downtown Lemoore said to be haunted

Oddfellows Lodge in downtown Lemoore which is rumored to be
haunted. Photo courtesy of

In downtown Lemoore there is an historic two story building that is said to be haunted. On the bottom floor there is a barber shop, a pharmacy as well as several real estate offices. But on the second floor, where the local Oddfellows Lodge is located (a fraternal society with its roots in England) is where most of the paranormal activity has occurred.

Every Halloween the local drama club sets up a haunted house attraction in the Lodge. Apparently some of the former residents aren't pleased with this as they have made themselves known in several different way. Shadowy figures have been reported seen throughout the second floor and others have reported seeing figures wearing old fashioned clothing (possibly from the late Victorian era) wandering around at night. There are also temperature changes that manifesting as both cold and hot spots. Other witnesses have also reported being filled with a dreadful sensation after being in the building for some time and have the urge to leave as quickly as possible. Once someone heard a deep male voice telling them to "leave us to rest" and others have reported to see strange green and red lights on the roof late at night.

So what are the cause of all these strange occurrences? The building was constructed in 1904 and surely has seen its fair share of inhabitants. Could former members of the lodge still be lingering around where they once met, upset that someone else is in their space now that is doing something that isn't lodge related? Or any of the previous inhabitants, upset that the Halloween attraction is being put on? Or is it just part of the Halloween attraction itself? Stories made up of supposedly real ghosts to add a bit of flavor to the attraction to get more people to come? It's really hard to say. Though a visit may be in order come Halloween to see if the attraction is still open and the stories of the hauntings are indeed true.

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