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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strange lights still being reported along Interstate 5

There are few reoccurring stories that are on Weird Fresno. But it seems that the stories of strange lights seen on the Interstate 5 corridor between Coalinga and Kettleman City. I had reported in May of 2009 of having received an e-mail from someone stating they saw a UFO here and were able to film it. Upon reviewing it I came to the conclusion it was a crop duster. Well it seems that others are still mistaking crop dusters for UFOs as another similiar report was filed with the National UFO Reporting Center on July 17, 2011. Here is the account as it was reported:

Occurred : 7/17/2011 02:35
Location: Fresno (near; on Interstate 5), CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:1-2 Minutes

A linear object with 3 bright lights, flew about 10 feet over our truck while traveling N on I 5.

While traveling north bound on Interstate 5, approximately 30 miles SE of Fresno, a linear object with three bright lights (Two on the end and one in the middle) approached our truck, containing six passengers. When we first saw it, the linear object was around 500 yards away.

Five of the passengers, including me, saw the formation of lights continuing to fly towards our truck. During this time, the object rotated similar to a plane that has stalled. We were confused and somewhat scared as to what this object is.

It headed straight towards our truck where it flew about 10-20 feet above us. It was close enough to where the driver, and the two front passengers, one of which was me, ducked and screamed.

While continuing to drive, we watched behind us as the three bright lights lifted up and dove into the ground and then back up again. The bright lights spun and rotated until it finally disappeared.

The object was about 30 feet long.

Keep in mind that it wasnt until afterwards we realized that it made absulutely no sound when it passed over our truck.

And the compass on our truck didnt work after the sighting.

Given the description above it sounds similiar to the May 2009 incident. And as I had stated before, I used to live on a farm and we had crop dusted in the past as well as our neighbors. They dust at night as the wind is less prevelant (usually) and whatever is being applied to the crops won't scatter as easily.

But then there's the issue of reporting the craft made no sound. This is just conjecture on my part, but the witness stated they continued to drive and watched the object only noting later that it made no sound. I have to question this as since they were driving in a truck, there would have been enough noise from the tires on the road plus any other traffic to drown out the noise of a single prop engine (which are usually 600 hp or so). I think given the noise pollution and the excitement factor, this is what caused them to miss the engine noise. Now I could be wrong, but given the witness statement and what I know from personal experience (I saw a crop duster, read my post here) I believe that it was just a crop duster and not some sort of alien spacecraft or military aircraft.

One of these nights I want to take a group out to the area armed with some night vision enabled video cameras and attempt to solve this mystery once and for all.

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STi.Boy said...

This is a ways off from I-5, but one day my wife and I were driving home and saw a bright, round, and metallic looking object (it was broad daylight at about 2:00 pm) in the sky as we drove east on East Perrin Avenue. The object was moving very quickly and appeared to be falling. We had to make a turn and a tree was blocking our view so we never did see if it went all the way to the ground. I suppose it could have been a meteor that hadn't burned up, except it was definitely metallic because I could see the sun reflecting off of it. What I can say for sure is that it was not any type of civilian aircraft. I can say this with a fair amount of certainty because of the way it was moving. It was moving towards the ground at a very high rate of speed. Such a speed that it would have definitely crashed had it continued that trajectory. A stunt plane would probably be the only thing that would have been capable of pulling out of a dive like that and it looked much bigger than that (maybe the size of an airliner, but it was hard to tell). We heard of no crashes on the news that night or in the following week and we paid attention. The other thing that had led me to believe it wasn't a civilian craft was that it seemed to appear out of no where, although I have since rationalized that as the possibility that it was just at an angle that the sun was not reflecting off of it at first, which may very well have been the case. Whatever it was, it was definitely "Weird Fresno"!