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Thursday, July 8, 2010

KMPH 26 reports UFOs seen in Fresno over the Fourth of July weekend

Apparently over the Fourth of July weekend strange lights were seen in the skies and according to witnesses they weren't fireworks. One family in Clovis reported seeing a cigar shaped craft flying over their house. Another was able to videotape something strange in the sky that, according to them, didn't look like any normal type of aircraft.

To be honest I don't know what to make of this story. The fact that these sightings occurred over the Fourth of July weekend has me wondering if some reports were mistaken for some illegal fireworks (which there were plenty of) that were shot into the sky? Now I'm not trying to discredit anyone outright, just trying to look at the overall picture.

As the news said, they received several reports of strange lights or objects in the sky. I didn't hear anything through my usual channels, but that doesn't mean that there weren't reports filed. I'm curious as to what others have seen and if they collaborate with what the person in Clovis saw?

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Anonymous said...

It's been one month and two days since a good friend of mine and I stood outside in the night, in his front yard, while he videotaped the infamous July 4, 2010 UFO. It was really something to watch...and Robert got the only shot. He's actually quite a UFO magnet, I've always said. He gets the video when nobody else can. There is a reason he is so lucky, but that's another story. Anyway, as usual, my friend posted his video of the UFO on Youtube, like he always has done. In the original video you clearly hear the excitement from both of us as we watched the pulsating craft flying by right in front of us. My friend has really been lucky. He has captured and videotaped many many UFO'S. He had to stop making reports to the authorities though. He has resigned himself to believe that reporting such things, everytime he video's one, would leave him in a vulnerable situation where the debunkers could and would attempt to sully his reputation and he's worked hard and he's very proud of his "hard to get shots". Believe me, there's absolutely NOTHING fake about Robert or his video's of UFO'S around Fresno. Several days later, Channel 26 News, after being made aware there was a possibe UFO sighting in the Fresno/Clovis area, somehow, found my friends video tape of the UFO, and used his video during two broadcasts. What struck both of us as being very odd, wasn't the UFO we both saw. It was odd that nobody at the time thought of asking Robert what he witnessed. After all, he was the one shooting the only video. In fact, Robert never got credit as being the one who captured the UFO on film. I'm just saying, isn't that odd he wasn't even mentioned or questioned? I guess I'm just showing up to give a shoutout to the Central Valley. There are many other interesting video's of Robert's uploaded on Youtube. Search them on Kingufokid and ufoattacks channel....because we're not alone....and for more sightings in Fresno search Caligirl1st or Orbhwy41w.
Most important, do your homework, do your research and learn.