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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is the Hanford Civic Auditorium haunted?

The Hanford Civic Auditorium at night.

If you happen to visit the small town of Hanford, located in Kings County, is located in Courthouse Square near the Bastille. And like the Bastille, there are stories that the auditorium is haunted.

In 1924 the city of Hanford built the auditorium for cultural and political uses as well as hosting community activites. It seems that over the years several of it's visitors have decided to stay for one reason or another. When you first enter the Civic Auditorium it is said that you can sometimes feel a very cold breeze passing by, even though the windows are closed. Also in the mens restroom, there has been reports of hearing men discussing legal topics even though there is no one else in the area. Occasionally a man dressed in an old style suit from the 1940's can be seen in the area, but always disappears without a trace.

The auditorium itself has several ghosts. Several spirits have been seen on the upper balcony appearing to be watching an invisible show. Also a man with dark brown hair and eyes and wearing a black suit with a white shirt has been seen applauding. As soon as he is done he instantly vanishes.

There is no reason given to why these ghosts haunt the auditorium, but one can speculate they are what's called a residual haunting. What a residual haunting is that someone or something makes such an impression on a certail location that it is theorized that they leave an imprint. The event replays itself over and over again like a movie and any spirit that is seen is oblivious to the living. The ghosts in the auditorium applauding even there isn't a performance going on seem to fit this criteria. As do the voices in the mens restroom. Both are instances of something repeating itself.

Though it is entirely possible that these are actual ghosts haunting the Civic Auditorium. Perhaps the spirits seen in the auditorium enjoyed it so much in life that they have returned there in death. Though without a proper investigation it's hard to theorize what is actually going on. But one thing is for certain, the Hanford Civic Auditorium is definitely haunted by something.


Anonymous said...

yes the auditorium in hanford really is cousin and his mom work there .my aunt did see a woman sitting down on a seat then dissapeared and my cousin has heard people walking by him as he cleans the restrooms at the end of the day.and many other stuff .but it is haunted for sure

Anonymous said...

me again when my cousin hears steps of people while he cleans the restrooms there is noone else in the building but him at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have heard this & personally know several employees who work (or have) worked that facility & reported things. The bastille is also haunted & located on the same property. There have been ghost hunters who have been granted permission to investigate the bastille as well. Also, across the street next to Superior Dairy are the City offices. The main hallway that is shared with the Gas Co & the City of Hanford is haunted. I personally have heard footsteps - this happens late at night and early morning hours. Other employees have reported hearing things when they know they are alone in the building working afterhours. The hallway happenings as far as i know arent well known because you have to be an employee to get access after hours/before opening.