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Thursday, July 29, 2010

UFO reported near Lemoore Naval Air Station

On August 8, 2009 a witness reported seeing several strange lights in the sky near Lemoore NAS as they were driving north towards Fresno County. They saw the lights from a distance and described them as if they were dancing or moving in a circular motion. It appeared as if there were two lights per craft, though the witness states that they were unable to make out the craft itself.

The witness continued to watch the craft perform it's strange manuevers. Now here's where it gets interesting (because seeing strange lights dancing in the sky isn't weird enough) and I'm not adding anything that wasn't already stated in the MUFON report. The witness stated that they felt the UFO's were extraterresterial in orgin and they were waiting for them and wanted to put on a show. The witness opened their passenger side window and waved at the craft. They then stated the lead craft then turned on another light and trained it directly on them. After doing that the two craft appeared to join together and left the area.

What the report does not say, and I'm curious about, is if there was any missing time. Basically missing time is what happens when sometimes a UFO interacts with the witness and even though it feels like a minute has passed by, they look at a clock and it's an hour or more. What makes me question if this happened or not is the incident with the light. There have been numereous UFO reports of someone seeing a UFO and a bright light shines down on them. The witness then loses conscienceness and then awakes perceiving only a few minutes have passed when in fact an hour or more has. This is the typical abduction scenario right here.

This is all speculation on my part really. As for the lights the witness saw, who can say really. Given the fact that it was near Lemoore NAS one has to question if it was some sort of military exercise and nothing out of the ordinary? Perhaps the lights were nothing more than helicopters. This could possibly explain the somewhat erratic pattern that the lights were moving in. And the light shining down on the witness's car could have been nothing more than a searchlight from the helicopter (though why a helicopter would shine it's light onto someone is another question). Whatever the case may be, the witness believes they saw something weird that night.

MUFON report: two craft...with lights on each end....i did not see any craft only lights..

while driving north on hwy 41 in Kings county north, close to Fresno county line and about 10 miles south of Lemore NAS... I saw light as i was driving north in my car and those lights looked from a distance to be dancing and moving in a circular fashion... flying vertically and 'dancing' with each other in a circular fashion...lights i saw were two of them on each ufo and the color was on each side for each ufo.... they would dance around in vertical fashion and move herky jerky in a circular flight path....
not a smooth flight path but quick movements and vertical to horizontal etc and back and forth...etc. awesome....
In conclusion, i feel that the ET ufo were waiting for me and put on a show for me at the time..I opened the window on the passenger side and waved to the lead craft. As soon as i waved to the lead craft the lead craft turned on another lite in the center of the craft and it was a large circular white light, pointed directly at me. I smiled and greeted the craft with my meditation. The two craft then left the area. They seemed to join together and flew off north or up toward the NAS. They became one light and flew away.
the whole experience lasted about two minutes...


workaholic1 said...

Being from Lemoore, I have seen strange objects flying around the area. Nine years ago, I was walking home from a friends house around 9:30 p.m., when I witnessed a triangular shaped flying object in the middle of town. The object was of triangular shape with three dim white lights located on each point of the object. I was walking south about a block away from my house located in a culdasac. At the end of the street stood a street light. On that night, a very faint humming noise caught my ear, I looked up and saw this object. The object was heading west at a slow steady pace about 50ft. above the street light at the end of the culdasac. It was so low that I could make out the shape of the object reflecting off of the light. I watched it until I could no longer see it from where I stood. I was excited & amazed from what I experienced. If anyone else in the Lemoore area has seen anything similar, please let the world know through this website. You could email me at

Ryan S said...

Greetings. I am a UFO researcher and writer. I just emailed you at the email address given. Would love to speak to you more in depth about what you saw if you're interested. Hope to hear from you soon!