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Monday, July 19, 2010

Madera man sees cigar shaped UFO on Fourth of July weekend

A Madera County man witnessed two strange craft flying over the Sierra Nevadas over the Fourth of July weekend. While laying in the back of his truck with his young son, they saw two bright silver cigar shaped craft with what appeared to be an orange or brown colored band around the middle. He estimates them to be about a quarter of a mile away and were only visible for a minute or so before leaving rather quickly, headed in a southern direction.

I wonder if this has to do anything with the other UFO sightings that happened over that same weekend? It's hard to tell if this was a daylight sighting or not, but given the fact that the witness describes it as silver in color and no mention of any lights leads me to believe it was a daylight sighting which in turn means that this was no errant firework shot into the sky as some others might be.

It has me wondering what the hell exactly went on that weekend and why such a rash of sightings? The Central Valley normally isn't a hot spot for UFO activity, but that weekend people saw some strange things in the skies.

MUFON report: Shimmering silver cigar shape with orange/brown band in the middle.

While lying in a pickup bed with my two year old son we both witnessed two u.f.o.s. They were above the mountain in front of my house about 1/4 mile away. The two objects hovered for at least a minute next to each other then they flew off to the right/south extremely fast leaving the skyline in a second or less.

My two year old son and I both witnessed the objects are were both very excited to have seen them. We have only told my parents who were also present but were inside the pickup truck and did not see the objects.

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