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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Octomom Nadya Suleman says house is haunted

She’s got fourteen kids and now the Octomom Nadya Suleman thinks she may have one more "little one" living at her home in La Habra, CA – a child ghost!

In an exclusive (and yes, bizarre) new interview with, Nadya says a few days ago, she heard a soft whisper saying “mommy.”

"There are no such things as ghosts”, Nadya says, “but that really did scare me."

Nadya also shows us the room where she thinks the spirit lives -- a room that was supposed to be quarters for her nannies -- but instead, is used only to store toys.

“It’s unusually cold in here,” she says, opening the door to the room

“I never, ever want to be alone really in this house. I don’t want the children in this house ever,” she says.

Nadya also says a friend told her she felt something pulling at her leg in the Octo-home.

And, as if that’s not strange enough, Nadya says one of her nannies heard a noise and saw a small child run into a room upstairs, but when she looked around, no one was there.

“This is something you’re not supposed to believe in if you are a believer in God, but it’s something that I’m a little worried about. But when you’re scared, you keep praying and ask it kindly to leave politely, and pray and hopefully that will work.”

Just in case it won’t leave on its own, Nadya says she’s going to place up to 20 Bibles around the home to ward off any spirits.

Original story can be found here.

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