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Monday, July 20, 2009

UFO spotted over Fresno on 7/8/09

Recently, on July 08, 2009 a UFO was filmed over the Fresno area. Despite the shaky camera work you can see three separate objects that are glowing a bright orange color. To be honest I have no clue what this could be, perhaps it's the sunlight reflecting off an air plane but that doesn't explain why you see three separate objects. When I first saw the video I thought perhaps it was a meteor breaking up in the sky, but the object is rather stationary so I doubt that can be it. Below is the video. Judge for yourself.

Thanks to The Fresnan for sending me the link to the video.


JohnJayJay said... don't see a lot of daylight UFO stuff. Very cool. Looks as if it COULD BE sunlight off of the aluminum airframe of an aircraft, but there's no obvious strobes...and it doesn't look quite like a jet. Makes for interesting speculation.

Michael said...

Would strobes be even visible during the day? I asked the person who posted it, where it was shot. Hopefully I'll get a response and maybe that will shed some light on what it could be.

Giggles said...

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