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Friday, July 24, 2009

UFO seen in Santa Cruz on July 18, 2009

Now I know Santa Cruz is a bit outside the Fresno area, but since I am going there this weekend I'd thought I'd post this video (maybe I'll get lucky and see it). In the video you see three orange-ish lights in a triangle formation. For some reason the person operating the camera zooms in on the "base" of the triangle and then onto a single light.

As usual I'm not sure what to think on these videos. The camera obviously wasn't meant for shooting these kind of things (but honestly who keeps a high end camera laying around ready to shoot UFO's?), but still it's better than some I have seen. Honestly I wonder if it's a couple of Chinese Paper Laterns, similar to what my sister and I saw on Thanksgiving 2008. Interesting video nonetheless.

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