Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haunted Fort Tejon

One of the army barracks at Fort Tejon near Lebec, CA
Photo from Flickr courtesy of tkksummers.

Near the small town of Lebec, which lies south of Bakersfield in Kern County, is an old military installation called Fort Tejon. Built in 1857 to protect the San Joaquin valley from Native American attacks from the south and east, it has seen it's share pain and suffering throughout the years.

More than 1,000 Native Americans were imprisoned under inhumane conditions at the fort and several hundred died there. It's said an entire village was forced into nearby Lake Castac and drowned. The area is said to be heavy in psychic energy, especially around the old hospital and officer's quarters. But the spot that seems to be the most haunted is the Le Beck Oak Tree.

The ghost of a French trapper, Peter Le Beck, has been seen many times near the tree. The grave of the Frenchman lies underneath the tree. No one really knows why he haunts his grave, or even how he died. There is one story stating that he died from a grizzly bear attack and another says he was killed by a Chief Black Bear (who coincidently was hanged from another oak tree a few hundred yards away).

Today Fort Tejon is on the National Register of Historical Places and is a state historical park. And it seems that Fort Tejon embraces it's paranormal history as they recently had their first annual ghost walk on Oct. 16, 2010. Which just happens to be the 173rd anniversary of Le Beck's death.


Anonymous said...

I live in lebec I go there all the time at night to look for ghost but no ghost don't even bother

Anonymous said...

Just recently visited. It's haunted for sure. When you walk into the buildings there is a weird energy that makes you feel tired or lethargic, as if your energy is being drained from you. This is typical of most haunted places.

Also most people don't have the ability to see ghosts, you'd have to be vibrating at the same high level frequency as a ghost in order to see them. So if you come looking to see a ghost, you're not likely going to see one unless you already have the ability to see them.

Anonymous said...

That whole area in Lebec is "magical" for a lack of a better word. I have seen and heard so many things that I cannot explain with my rational mind. Chumash spirit is still alive and well and the mythology they embraced still exist in this area.

Anonymous said...

I live in lebec to and its not haunted I've been a bunch of times

Anonymous said...

My brother once went on a field trip to Fort Tejon, (He goes to El Tejon School not far from Fort Tejon) and my Mom had gone with him on the trip. Myself and my Mom are very into the whole paranormal stuff, and she said that it did feel very heavy. She can say for sure she knows it's haunted. It's not like she saw a million spirits roaming around, she just felt the energy. I've been there once, and I definitely felt that the living weren't the only ones there.