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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weird Fresno on the Dirty Dowdy podcast

About a year ago I was on a local internet broadcast called the Dirty Dowdy Podcast. The creator of the show, Chris Dowdy, called me at the beginning of the month and asked me if I would like to do a show before Halloween to promote Weird Fresno. Me, being the ever attention whore I am, readily agreed.

I was the first guest on the show and was able to talk about some local ghost stories and favorite horror movies. Best part for me though was bringing up all the crap they gave me for predicting the Giants would be in the World Series and how the Giants are now in it.

We also talked about doing a live broadcast from a haunted location in the Fresno area. Still working out the details, but when I find out more info I'll mention it via Twitter and here.

Direct link to the podcast can be found here.

I also have to mention the guests that were on after me. They were a local band named From the Fallen and they kicked some serious ass. Love their sound, nice guitar crunch just the way I like it. I know this isn't a music review site, but I had to mention them. I downloaded their album off iTunes and it was definitely worth it. You can find their site here.

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