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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Want to go ghost hunting with Weird Fresno?

For a while I've talked about some of the places in the Fresno area that are rumored to be haunted and what, if any, experiences I have had at them. Also I've mentioned some of the techniques and equipment that one could use to get started. Well now I'm going to be offering something else to anyone who is interested in the paranormal. A chance to go ghost hunting with Weird Fresno.

While on the Dirty Dowdy podcast last week, Chris Dowdy had mentioned how he want to check out a local haunt and possibly bring a few listeners along and record it for a future podcast. I talked to him last night and he said it was definitely going to happen and asked for me to post something.

A date has not been worked out yet as he's trying to get a psychic to go along with us, but we are planning are taking a trip to Channel Road one night this month and see if we can see the ghost of the mother that lost her children wandering up and down the road. Both Chris and I will be recording for future podcasts, so whoever goes has to be ok with this.

Later today at the 4:00 hour, Chris will be on New Rock 104.1. He will go into detail on what's going to occur. Listen then to find out how you can join us as we investigate Channel Road.


Rayeanne said...

I used to be in a paranormal group but the group broke up 2 years ago and I've been wanting to find a new one so bad! I've actually captured GREAT EVP in Hanford. Anyways, I am not able to listen today. My mom is being transported from the hospital. Could someone respond and let me know how to sign up or who to contact? I've never been on this site so I hope I posted this in the right spot. Thanks!

Dirty Dowdy said...

We will talk about it this Tuesday night on the Dirty Dowdy Podcast ( starting at 8:20 PM. I am trying to lock everything in and make it a good trip. If you have interest listen in or call our hotline anytime and voice your interest. The number is 559 492-0450.

Anonymous said...

I would love to join you at Channel Road. I live not to far from there. I told my kids about it, so we are driving dow it tonight after I pick them up from church. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

OK, went down Channel Road tonight after church. Just a normal drive...:). I think it is more urban legend then anything else. Is there actual account of an accident there? It would be interesting to research the history.

angieg said...

I would like to join as well : )