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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Does the ghost of a woman haunt the Merced Theatre?

The Merced Theatre, where the ghost of a woman who
jumped to her death, is said to haunt.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

In the town of Merced, there are some rumors of the Merced Theatre being haunted. The legend goes that the a young woman decided to commit suicide by jumping off the peak of the tower after finding out her fiancé had been killed during the war. It's said her host has been witnessed by many people, where she asks if anyone has seen “Johnny.”

The theater opened on October 31, 1931 by the famous Reid Brothers who were prestigious architects based out of San Francisco. The theater cost around $380,000 and took nine months to build. Up until 2002 it served the Merced community before falling into a state of disrepair. Now it is currently being restored as it originally appeared. One has to wonder if the ghost of the young woman has been seen by any of the workers or is disturbed by the construction going on.

The Merced Theatre is scheduled to reopen sometime in the Fall of 2011.


Anonymous said...

The theatre is back open and it is not haunted by that woman. Actually the theatre opened in 1931 so what war would they be referring to?

Ecumenist said...

The theatre was OPENED in '31 and evidently, the poor soul too her own life during WWII which began 7 years later...