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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The ghosts of Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is known for many things. Half Dome, El Capitan, and Bridalveil Falls to name a few. Millions of people have visited the park since it was first established in 1890. And it's not surprising then that some have decided to stay there, even after death.

Is a tent, similar to these in Curry Village, haunted by the ghost of a man who hung himself?
Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor.

One story involves Camp Number 6. Story has it that one lonely night, a camper hung himself (for reasons unknown) from the wooden frame of his tent. Sometimes late at night you can see his corpse swinging from the tent frame. As I was researching this one particular story, I came across an account of someone saying that the area is used as day parking now and the best time to see the ghost is between the hours of 11:00 pm and 3:00 am. How credible this particular story is I'm not certain, but wanted to share it none the less.

Yosemite National Park, CA
Rumor has it that a couple that drowned here at Stoneman Bridge haunt it.
Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Poggi from Flickr.

Another tale involves Stoneman Bridge that crosses the Merced River. Reportedly back in 2005 a young couple drowned and have been spotted sporadically ever since. I searched a bit for any records of someone drowning, yet I was unable to find anything. Still people report seeing this couple on or near the bridge, so I'm curious as to what really happened.

Another rather obscure story involves a location called California Pines. Not much is said about the exact location and the closest I could find to anything was a Yosemite Pines RV resort. Still I wanted to share the story in the hopes of maybe someone that reads this might know about it and be able to add to the story. All that is said about this spot is that people have seen apparitions here of Native Americans from the 1800's and some have even interacted with them.

Ahwahnee Hotel
Do ghosts from WW2 haunt the Ahwahnee hotel?
Photo courtesy of Bryce Edwards from Flickr.

And finally we have the Ahwahnee Hotel. Built in the 1920's, this hotel has seen numerous guests and was used by the Navy in 1943 as a convalescent hospital for veterans. Spirits have been seen in various locations throughout the hotel, but most sightings seem to happen on the mezzanine level and third floor. No one is really sure who is haunting the place, but some speculate that it may be some of the guests from when it was a convalescent hospital.


bpsno said...

the ahwanne is haunted but the others im not sure of the yosemite lodge also has some history of ghost but i personaly am most knowledgeable on badger pass where we have full apperitions along with slaming lockers and other crazy things. bpsnocat@yahoo if you want to know more

Gemsun1 said...

I have taken a picture from 11/26/11 showing the face of a Native American inside my campsite's fire ring... please tell me where to send!

Gemsun1 said...

I have taken a picture from 11/26/11 showing the face of a Native American inside my campsite's fire ring... please tell me where to send!

Michael said...

Gemsun1 e-mail it to I'd love to see it.

Unknown said...

While walking back to the oarking lot from bridal veil... My husband and i both seen several small shadow figures cross from both sides of the path... This the evening just after dusk on 08/24