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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zombie protest in Fresno, CA

As I had mentioned yesterday, there was to be some sort of gathering of zombies at the intersection of Blackstone and Shaw area. Armed with my camera, my iPhone for video, and a hell of a lot of courage I headed to the area around 6:00. When I got there I was a bit surprised. There were actually two groups that were protesting. Feeling that the safer group was the one against zombie rights I headed to that one first. Not really sure if that was a a smart idea or not.

The anti-zombie rights group of people

Upon arriving at their corner, I was greeted with anti-zombie chants of how they were taking people's jobs, brains, etc. I talked to them for a few minutes and was even able to get some video asking them to share their views on why zombies should not have the same rights that us living have.

After recording that bit of video I decided to muster enough courage and head across Blackstone where the (larger) group of zombies were at. I figured if they came after me I could just run into traffic and let Fresno drivers take care of them for me. As usual I was wrong.

This is what waited for me across the street.

At this point I started to change my mind, they looked
a bit hungry.

As soon as I arrived at the zombie corner, they eyed me rather hungrily. Thankfully when I told them I was there to document their plight, they backed off. I tried asking questions but all I got was a series of moans, grunts, and cries for "Braaainnnnssss". As I read their signs I realized all they wanted was equal rights that us living have. From jobs, to fair treatment. And these zombies seemed to come from all walks of life.

Even the undead are hurt by the current
recession. If I had kids I'd hire this one to
look after them.

Feeling a bit safer now I decided to take even more photos and some video. Apparently that was a bad idea.

The only way I had escaped that was that a car had mistakenly turned into the parking lot where the zombies were at. There were a group of people in the car and thankfully the zombies turned to these new treats allowing me to get to a safe distance.

I almost pitied these poor people, but they should
have been more aware of their surroundings.

Luckily the group got away. What you don't see is
the carcass of a zombie being dragged from their
back bumper.

At this point I realized I had better get the hell out of there. I thought I would do one more video just to show the plight these poor zombies were going through as I still felt sorry for them. Once again I found out that recording video of zombies is a bad idea.

Thankfully I was able to get out of there with no zombie bites and my brain still intact (though if it was intact before I had shown up is debatable). As I was leaving I noticed several zombies (and even a few of the living) holding up signs for a Halloween attraction called Fright Night Scream Park. Apparently this is where both groups will be staying during the month of October (along with other groups of friends apparently). For more info you can go to their website here. I'm going to try to venture to there next week just to see what exactly is going on.


Edens Exiled said...

That one with the Hooters shirt obviously had more on his mind than just brains ;)

Adrian said...

Awesome! Brains!

Heather McLane said...

This is the least ridiculous "protest" I've seen on Fresno's streets in a good long while.

Michael said...

Heather what I didn't mention in the post was on the SE corner of Blackstone and Shaw there were a group of antiwar protesters protesting against the use of drone aircraft. When the zombies were chasing me I suggested they eat the hippies. They declined as they said that the hippies smelled funny.