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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bigfoot caught on camera?

In Jefferson County, Kentucky a man was having problems with his garden as there was something disturbing the crops he had planted. Not sure if it was some sort of wildlife or perhaps a vandal he set up a field camera to take pictures. For those who don't know, a field camera is a camera with an infrared sensor on it. When an object moves in front of the sensor, it's tripped and the camera takes a picture of the object. Hunters mainly use these on trails to see what game is there.

After a few days the owner checked to see what the camera caught, hoping to find the culprits. On it were animals typical for the area, birds, raccoons, etc. But one large black object caught his attention. The object was about 55 yards from the camera and was estimated to be at least 8 feet tall given the height of the brush in the area. The owner theorizes it was Bigfoot as bears are not known to be in that area. But whatever the object was, it hasn't been seen since.

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