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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Several UFO sightings seen in Central California over the past week

In the last part of August 2009, there were several UFO sightings reported to the National UFO Reporting Center of UFOs seen in the central part California. I'm not sure if they are all the same craft, there are a few similarities but I think they are different craft. Still I believe they are worth mentioning in hopes that maybe someone else has seen one of them and will then report what they saw. Below is what was reported linked back to the original report.

Occurred : 8/16/2009 14:00
Location: Auberry, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 seconds

Silver triangle shape - Silent

I hesitated to report this, as we only saw this for a short time. We live in the Sierra Mountains about 4,200' elevation. Sitting at the table and looking due south thru a huge window, we saw a long silver triangle (jet or plane [?]) close at a low elevation. What is unusual is we live under a flight plan for Fresno - Las Vegas & back. These go north of our home. This craft appeared to be 1 mile or closer and low, almost equal with our elevation. At most I estimate it might have been 5,000'. It was headed west and when it tilted it was totally sleek from pointed nose to the tail which was completely straight across. No wings, just a very long thin triangle shape. We ran to the west deck & couldn't see it anymore. Did our eyes deceive us? No noise.

Possible fighter jet, w/no markings, but no noise.

Occurred : 8/18/2009 09:03
Location: Fresno, CA
Shape: Other

Two Jets following or escorting an unknown white dot looking craft.

I was walking with my mother on the Dakota and Fruit ditch in Fresno, Ca. I heard two jets so I looked up and saw that they were really close, and then I looked back up and saw that they were following something. The UFO was a white dot it kind of looked like the international space station does when it goes over. It had no blinking lights like the jets. It looked peaceful, moved slowly it looked to me as if the jets were escorting it somewhere.

We live close to the airport and it has an air defense base, I heard jets take off about ten minutes before, they were heading north then turned east, when I saw the two jets following this craft side by side they were head south west.

I remember the time being 9:03am because that is when I twittered about it.

Occurred : 8/19/2009 21:00
Location: California (central part), CA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:10 secs

On Aug 19, 2009 around 9:00pm me and my family were driving back from San Francisco to San Diego. We don't know exactly where we were but we were definitely in central California, deep in the boonies. As we were heading South, on our right side of the road we saw a diamond shaped flying object. It had red and green lights that surrounded the object. The object was first low then it tried to fly away but it seemed like something pulled it back then it went like 3 feet closer to the road then it went lower again. That's all I could see, we were driving too fast for me to see if it went in the sky or not. The object was definitely close to the ground, maybe about 4-5 feet off the ground.

I'm not good at describing how it moved but it certainly moved.

Occurred : 8/24/2009 17:30
Location: Modesto, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:15 seconds

It looked like three bright dots, small gap then three more bright dots. it was dancing gracefully a mile or two above the horizon.


Occurred : 8/26/2009 20:45
Location: Clovis, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes

Three flashing red lights in a triangular shape seen south of Fresno

I saw three flashing red lights in the formation of a triangle. View looking south of Fresno at an approximate 30 degree angle from horizon. Maintaining formation, they lowered until I could no longer see them past the trees.

Occurred : 8/26/2009 21:30
Location: Modesto, CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:45 Min.

Two crafts spotted over Westfield shopping cntr. Modesto

2 crafts 1 with bright lights across could be cigar or saucer shaped. Other was cigar shaped deep bright neon blue glowing. It would glow and then fade out and come back. The other one hovered up and down quit a bit and side to side like having engine trouble. The blue cigar one stayed close as if to make sure the other was ok. A police or military white I think with markings plain stayed close by flying between them. Then they faded out. The hight I would say would be about 15 to 20 stories up in the sky.

Occurred : 8/27/2009 21:00
Location: Modesto, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:15-20 minutes

3 unidentified aircraft over Modesto, CA

August 27, 2009 9:00pm PCT I was riding my bike tonight and observed what appeared to be two aircraft of some kind at about 1000 ft. above our neighborhood. There were about 10 people in the street watching.

The highest craft had two bright white lights on it, and the craft appeared to be hovering, then moving a few feet, and then hovering again.

Beneath this craft was a second craft that had two very bright neon-blue lights. It made wide circles about 100 feet under the other craft.

Both craft made small changes in altitude and direction, but generally stayed in the area above our neighborhood for about 15-20 minutes or so.

A third craft (with blinking red and white lights on it) started to close on the higher craft, and this one looked more like a conventional aircraft.

At one point it flew between the two craft (below the higher one and above the lower one). At that point the lower one (with the bright neon-blue lights on it) began flying in a fast semi-vertical circular pattern.

The third craft continued on, and eventually the higher-flying craft began to fly away in a northwestern direction.

I ran to my house and got my camera, but by then they were all gone. I checked, and no else had a camera to take any photos.

I called the Modesto Police Dept. to see if anyone else had reported seeing the lights. I was told that someone else had called in, but no record was made of the call. Nor were they interested in making one of my call.


Michael Beauchamp said...

I saw the exact same thing last night
near Mchenry Ave last night around 8:30pm 3 brightly lit objects in a formation blue ,green lights emitting from 2. The green colored
one dive bombing and circling around
the other two.And then form the triangle formation once again.

Michael said...

Have you reported the sighting to the National UFO Reporting center? Here's the link if you need it.

Michael Beauchamp said...

Yes, I did last night thank you.

nikki said...

Last night as i was driving in Ceres, down Service Road, alongside Central Valley High School i observed what looked to be the light on a light pole falling out of the sky. It got about two feet from the women's car in front of me and then began to float up. As it briefly hovered over the women's car it was in plain view, it was about the size of a basketball and had a ora or forcefield around it. I quickly pulled over after it began to gain altitude as did the women behind, and in front of me. Upon pulling over we watched the object drift off toward Turlock, as it reached higher altitude it "met up" with wat appeared to be the same thing. The object was very distinctive in the sky and stood out among the stars because of its bright orange color. The women and i all began to recollect on what had just happen. It was so astonishing and out of this world. i tried to tell myself that it was a comet or a falling star or something explainable but the fact that it was falling and then changed direction? I don't know of anything in our atmosphere that has the qualities to do something like that, our gravitational pool is too strong to pull something in and then as its about 12 feet from the ground it begins to regain hight? I hope someone has a possible explanation of the event because as far as I'm concerned it was unexplainable.

Anonymous said...

About a month or month and a half ago my bf and his friend were driving in Fresno around the woodward park area at night and saw a strange light in the sky that had a stange look and flight pattern, it looked to be above Millerton lake area and started to decend then took off west and hovered over valley childrens then just vanished. Not more than 2 days after that my bf and I were driving down 99 in daylight and saw a silver shinny object hovering in the sky, when we blinked it was gone, just a few seconds later it reappeared and this time we kept our eye on it, it just stayed still then vanished right infront of our very eyes! Two strange objects seen just within a couple days of eachother in similar areas at different times of day, anyone else seen anything like this in the Fresno/Madera area?

Anonymous said...

it was around the month of september i believe, when in the area of fresno county right before getting into fowler, my sister witnessed a ufo in the lot across from my parents house, crazy, i never thought i would b one to say something like that. I wish i knew if anyone around the area saw it also. She said it was as big as a house hovering in the air, above the grape vines, she said it made no noise, and that it had several windows. I believe her. My sister would never fabricate such a story. Some day soon all truth will come out!! If u had a similar experience, plz post it. Honesty is the best way to b when it comes to this type of thing. thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

oh yea, it was early in the day when all of this happened. and neighbors from my parents are spread acres apart.

Anonymous said...

I have been having strange encounters for almost 2 years now, I live in the Fresno area. Not only do I feel communicated with but has seen a light appear and disappear out of no where, so has my sister. My mom who is a total skeptic saw a cigar shaped UFO go directly over our house and I have been followed around too by cars, vans, and people on foot. My sister who is in Canada right now for a job is experiencing all kinds of crazy things where she is staying, lights popping, faucet going on all by itself ( the kind you have to twist) security light out side going on, strange tapping. I also have experienced similar things too. I would like to talk with others about what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Reading the postings on these incidents, it's apparent that the writers are intelligent responsible people. Considering the frequency and variety of these appearances it's reasonable to assume that our gov/military is well-aware of these events. Throughout all of this 1) there are no injuries or personal contacts, and 2) there is nothing said by gov, fed or local. This has the familiar smell of gov't-induced events--not extraterrestrial, which no one has suggested, have you noticed? I believe this is experimentation with holographic projection, for a purpose that, as with all things gov. nowadays, bodes no good.

Anonymous said...

If it was near Mchenry Ave. then they are not real. About every friday night they'll be out there and its a bunch or nerdy men on Bang's flying hand control airplanes with lots of lights on them

Unknown said...

Hi. I was thinking about what i saw several years ago and started to wander if and who had seen it to and came accross ur post. Good to know so many saw the same thing because no one else believes it. But i know it was real. Phill