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Thursday, October 28, 2010

More strange lights seen over Clovis

In the early morning hours of October 13, 2010 a witness reported to MUFON that they saw a strange light in the sky. Upon first seeing it, they assumed it was nothing more than a star when it began to flash colors as well as changing in intensity. It then began moving in an erratic motion (the witness reported it to be a zig zag like motion).

Recovering from the initial shock, they went in and woke up their roommate who also witnessed the object. After watching the object for almost an hour, a second one appeared. At that time the witness reports that they called the Fresno airport to see if they were seeing the same thing. They state that the two officers in the tower did admit they saw something but didn’t report it as they felt it wasn’t threatening, so they didn’t report it.

They two witnesses watched it for another hour and at around 3:45 when the first witness called KMPH Fox 26. They spoke with a reporter, but for some reason they didn’t have a camera ready. The witness goes on to state that they contacted MUFON the next day and also found out that a police officer had seen the same thing (there was no record of this report, so I’m not sure how valid this claim is).

Its hard to say what this person saw, but I do find it curious that both the officials at the airport and the reporter at KMPH didn’t take this too seriously. I can almost understand why the airport would say they don’t think it’s serious as they would want to downplay the sighting. But I can’t figure out why 26 didn’t act more on this. The excuse of not having a camera ready doesn’t seem plausible for a television station. Either they were taking the sighting seriously (which could be possible) or they were told not to. As I don’t want to seem the conspiracy theorist, I will opt more for the first option. Though you think they could have given a better response than the half assed one they did.

Still I may have call them and see if I can find out anything more.

MUFON report: Went out for a late night cigarette and saw them!

I am fascinated by space and the stars so when I am outside at night I always look up. Well as I lit my cigarette in the backyard of my house in Clovis, and began to gaze up, I noticed a star-like object in the sky as I looked to the south east. It was flashing many different colors. (red, green, blue, purple, white) Not only was it flashing colors, but it was pulsing, dimmer, brigter, dimmer, really bright, dimmer etc. At this point I knew I was definately not looking at a star or any type of airplane or helicopter. Then I saw it do something I will never forget, it moved! It didn't just move it zig zaged down, and then shot up at a fairly rapid pace. I don't know of any man made aircraft which can hover, stop, and instantly change direction. It also could go from a very high rate of speed to a complete stand still. When I got over the intial shock, I ran inside and woke up my roommate *(Name deleted--CMS/sg). I was so excited I yelled and shook him rather hard. When he woke up he was terrified and upset that I woke him up so abruptly when he had school early in the morning. After he heard what I was yelling at him we both ran back out in the backyard. He even noticed the object moving and changing color without his glasses and turned right back around to run in and get them and a pair of binoculars. I stayed to keep an eye on it and he came running back out and was even more shocked when he saw it with his glasses. We both took turns using the binoculars for about 45 minutes and that's when we spotted the second one. It was more to the east than the first one we noticed. It was doing the exact same thing; pulsing, changing color, and making very erratic movements. However, this object seemed to be higher up. At about this time I had *(Name deleted--CMS/sg) go get the Fresno Air Terminal Security phone number. I called and spoke with a young man named **(Name deleted--CMS/sg) who said he could't get outside to see but he would phone the tower. The two officers in the tower did admit they had seen some strange blue/green lights, but they did not think they were threatening so they didn't investigate further. *(Name deleted--CMS/sg) had to go to bed because he had school so early. I continued to watch as I proceeded to call anyone and everyone of my friends and family to try and wake them up so they could see. Unfortunately, nobody woke up and my webcam wasn't good enough to see anything on. I continued to watch for another hour then called Fox 26 newsroom at 3:45 or 4am and spoke with a young lady. I was hoping they would have a camera handy, they did not. (I found that hilarious) About this time I noticed something even more shocking, I could see many more that were farther away (not higher). In total, I counted at least 9 or 10 different objects. The next day I contacted MUFON and learned a local police officer had reported seeing the same thing! I felt so validated when I heard that, and that made up for all the crazy looks I'm gonna get telling this story. This was the most incredible night of my life, and I will definately never ever forget it. I know some people I talked to last night and today might not have completely believed me, but both (Name deleted--CMS/dr) and I know what we saw and we will tell anyone who will listen! We have a video camera tonight so bring it on! (I am currently working on a sketch)


Anonymous said...

My thought is this is not a true account. The Airport is not going to talk to the tower. If you see something for this long you would get it on video. If your camera/cell phone did not work you would borrow one that did. The news is not going to says they do not have a camera. They will just say sorry we cannot help you. Sounds like someone was under the influence!

Rayeanne said...

Whatever happened with the supposed UFO that crash north of Fresno? It was witnessed by people and the guy from Mufon said he videoed it and was gonna release it once they finished editing it and I've never found it on his page.

Like a week before the crash, my friend was traveling down I5 a little bit south of Fresno and she called me tripping out! She was always a skeptic and she said she seen a UFO and even took a picture and texted it to me. I contacted KMPH and talked back and forth with someone in charge of the UFO sightings and he said they are getting tons of people calling in saying they've spotted strange lights. My friend said there was no sound coming from it.

TheMufonMan said...

Hello, This is Jeffrey of the Sanger Paranormal Society and MUFON. Yes, a triangle did crash North of Fresno and the video's have been posted on the web site for sometime. I never said I recorded the down craft. We feel that it was removed before I arrived on the scene. I did record a lot of activity on the hill while I stayed all night watching the hill. For example, cars and trucks asending on the site with spot lights, people running around the hill with flash lights, what looked to be arch welding on the side of the mountain. There are 5 videos of that night. Go to you tube, they are there.

Jeffrey Gonzalez said...

Also, the Oct 13 sighting is fact...You know you guys better do your research before you start making more stupid comments like this. Oct 13 in the morning, I received a message from a officer Danny Kim via facebook wall stating that 2 calls came in to Fresno PD office at the airport regarding 2 sightings of strange lights zig zaging on the South East corner of the airport. One officer ran outside and observed the lights. Officer Danny Kim who was on patrol that night but not at the airport responded to the call. The lights had taken off by the time he arrived. All this is on my wall via face book if you would like to look at it. Now, the subject who reported the event to MUFON called me, yes me the day after on my 24 hr UFO hot line at 559-287-UFOS(8367). He advised me what happened and I advised him that Fresno PD advised me what had happened that morning. I told the person on the phone to fill out a report with MUFON which I received the case because I am the investigator for this area.

Michael said...

I'm curious. Who was the stupid comments in reference to? Either way, and this goes for anyone who comments on Weird Fresno, i do not take lightly to insults to anyone as this site is meant to share the strange and weird stories from the Fresno area.

You may not agree with what is said either by myself or anyone who comments on here, and that is your right. However it is not your right to insult anyone and I can remove any comments that do at my discretion.

Let's keep this civil folks.