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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ghost of prostitute said to haunt Fresno railroad crossing

Is this railroad crossing on Peach Ave haunted by the
ghost of a murdered prostitute?

There are rumors that a railroad crossing on Peach Ave, south of Butler is haunted by the ghost of a murdered prostitute. Supposedly several years ago a dismembered body was discovered in a garbage bag that was discarded on the south west side of the tracks in some bushes. A few months later people began to see a woman standing next to the crossing watching the cars drive by.

There have been reports of the crossing guard arms coming down, yet there was no train on the tracks (though to be honest I’ve seen this at many crossings, this doesn’t mean they are all haunted) and an eerie sensation has been felt as well.

Could the spirit of the slain woman be haunting the crossing? Perhaps she is standing there, watching the cars going by in hopes of seeing the person(s) that murdered her. Or perhaps it’s nothing more than just an urban legend that has grown over the years thanks to the internet. If a police report can be found that verifies this or more witnesses to the ghost come forward it’s going to be hard to tell where this story really stands.


Anonymous said...

I Know For A Fact Me & My Bf Seen Her Tonight . It Was Really Freaky We Were Driving & Seen Some Lady In Short Shorts & Long Black Hair With Some Boots The Moment We Seen Her We Just Stood Quiet Until We Passed We Know It Had To Have Been Her . Pretty Scary After My Bf Dropped Me Off He Went Back That Way & Said He Seen Her Watching His Car As He Drove By & Even Made Eye Contact . . .

Anonymous said...

I live there next to that railroad for 3 years and I always come home around 2-3 in the morning from my gf house. It would be ok if it was early or have a lot of traffic but when im alone and the cross rail hand comes down with no train of course its spook haha. As always you slow down and roll down your windows to listen if a train is coming...then about a good minute or two you slowing maneuver your way through the rail hands....but never knew a prostitute where killed I cant believe I actually waited with the window down parked there for a minute or two. If I ever go down that road late I will definitely have a different perspective this time.

Anonymous said...

I never believed in ghost until today. Around 4pm, I was driving my mother home on Bulter and Peach, close to the train track. I saw a lady in blue stripe top and jean standing by the canal. She was just staring at street. She stood out so I watched her closely. I looked away for a moment and turned back and she vanished!

LOST-spirit from UNKNOWN-ORIGIN(A.K.A world) said...

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