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Friday, October 15, 2010

UFOs seen over NYC on Oct 13 were balloons

As I had reported on Wednesday, a supposedly retired NORAD officer had predicted in his book that on Oct 13, 2010 alien spacecraft were to make themselves known by hovering over major cities throughout the planet. Unfortunately there was no such occurrence in Fresno, or for most of the planet at that. But there was something strange seen over New York City that day.

As this video shows, multiple objects were seen over the Big Apple in the mid afternoon. Were they the alien spacecraft that were promised? Unfortunately no, turns out that they were balloons that were “accidently” released by students for their teacher who had an engagement party.

According to the New York Daily News one of the student’s parents brought about forty iridescent pearl balloons to the school for language arts teacher Andrea Craparo, when a gust of wind sent several of the balloons floating away.

Experts with the National Weather Service confirmed that a wind was blowing between 5 to 10 mph at the time, which does lead credence to the balloon theory.

Both police and the FAA were receiving phone calls from concerned citizens wondering what the objects were. Police officials said they believed the objects were most likely balloons.

Then there is Stanley Fullhan, author of the book that started all of this. I have contacted his spokesperson, a Mr. Randy Kitchur, in hopes of getting a response. If I do I’ll post it here to share with everyone.

Full source:
Written by Erica Pearson and Lukas I. Alpert

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TheMufonMan said...

We had a sighting at 3:45 am.on 10-13-10. There were 2 phone calls into the Fresno Police Dept. at the Fresno Airport on 8 lights on the South East corner of the airport. Police officer went outside and -CONFIRMED- the sighting. He radioed in and another PD car was dispatched but by that timne, the lights were gone. Fresno police officer Danny Kim notified Jeffrey Gonzalez of the Sanger Paranormal Society and State Section director and investigator for MUFON for the Central Valley. Everything is documented on Jeffrey's face book wall. Also, a call came in to Sanger Paranormal's 24 hr UFO hotline the following day where that same citizen filled out a report with MUFON and Jeffrey is at the present time investigating the incident.