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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

UFO spotted over Huntington Beach

Not really sure what to make on this one. The video is blurry at some points, and the object in question is far away so it's hard to make out any detail. In the first part of the video it looks like the object is either flashing lights or it's pulsating. Though this could be the sunlight reflecting off the metallic surface.

I don't think it's a plane as the shape isn't similar to one. And even at that distance if it was a plane, you would be able to make out the wings and fuselage. Though in the latter half of the video it reminds me of the large mylar balloon that was used in the balloon boy hoax from a few months ago. The only other explanation is that something was launched from Vandenberg AFB, and it's a booster rocket of some sort.

Whatever the object is, it's one of those rare daylight sightings that is hard to explain what it actually is.

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