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Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Britain releases hundreds of UFO related files

Britain recently released hundreds of classified so-called "UFO files", one of which included a letter by Winston Churchill where he had ordered a cover up of a UFO encounter that occured during World War 2 between a UFO and a military pilot.

The National Archives are publishing the files that were investigated by the Ministry of Defense and they span over several decades and contain numerous witness accounts, sketches, and other classified documents.

One report from 1997 contains an account of several "sonic booms" and a mysterious plane crash in northern England. No wreckage was ever found in the area that it was reported to have crashed in.

One has to wonder how many classified documents the United States' Department of Defense has on record and if they ever will release any of them. Given the secretive nature of the government in the last several decades, I'm not so sure they ever will.

Full source: Yahoo! News
By: Maria Golovnina

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