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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interstate 5 Mystery Lights Solved?

About a week ago I received an e-mail from someone in Phoenix regarding the mystery lights that had been appearing on Interstate 5. They had been driving back from San Francisco on I-5 on their way home to Phoenix. According to them, it was around 11:30 pm and they were about 130 miles south of San Francisco when they saw strange lights ahead of them. Luckily they had a video camera with them and were able to record the object as they drove past it on the highway. From all the video’s I have seen taken out on I-5, this is the best one I have seen and may finally determine what some people have been seeing.

In the video you can see three bright lights and as the object turns you can see a fourth, dimmer, one at the end where the tail of an airplane would be. This leads me to believe that this is a crop duster and is probably what most people have seen. I know in a previous post I had discounted the notion of a crop duster but I did some research and found out that most dusting is done at night so that the chemicals sprayed won’t evaporate as much as they would if sprayed during the day. Also, some spraying of mosquitoes for West Nile virus is also done at night for the same reason.

I’m not closing the case on these sightings just yet. There is still the question of what this video shows. Still I’d like to go out there sometime soon and hopefully see a crop duster and get it on film, verifying it for a fact as man made. Knowing my luck, I’ll video something different and will only raise more questions.


JohnJayJay said...

Of course its a crop duster. They sometimes crop dust at night because the winds are calm and tend not to scatter their product. If not a crop duster my second guess would be a combination of swamp gas and ball lightning.

Michael said...

I thought it might be a crop duster, but some people have reported seeing some weird things out there. And at times when it wasn't the time to dust. But still, I needed some sort of evidence to prove it one way or the other.

But I do have another question. Dude where've you been? I know you deleted your twitter account. Think all the girls miss you. I should try that and see what happens.

Cyberflyer said...

The lights are a cropduster. The pattern of movement alone tells you that. It's a testiment to the skill of these guys that they can fly that close to the ground at night. The movement up and down is very typical of a crop duster turn.

The Phoenix Lights are not similar. (There is a lot of night cropdusting going on in the area, to be sure) The Phoenix lights are large spherical lights, often referred to as orbs, which hang motionless in the sky in geometric patterns for extended periods of time.

Their behavior is just about the opposite of the lights of the cropduster in your video.

I'm a pilot familiar with cropdusting who has just completed a National Geographic video on the Phoenix Lights.

JohnJayJay said...

Im here and there. Twitter just became sort of...banal? I can only take so much of people incessantly talking about themselves and the (un) interesting things theyre up to. On top of that it began to become 'cliquey'. It seemed like the more popular it got, the more high school it became, which defeated why it caught my attention in the first place (intereting people posting INTERESTING things). That, and I promised myself I'd devote my energy away from the Net and on actual face to face relationships. Anyway, we'll grab a beer some time. My absence has been noted? Really? By who(m)? Other than Sarah, who I still stay in touch with, I'm surprised anybody noticed!

Anonymous said...

I saw the same lights last wenesday night , while driving west bound on hwy 152 . It was a crop duster .

Anonymous said...

There was no sound coming from this aircraft. Dipping down at cars on the highway. This was definitely no crop duster. The lights we saw did not look like this. Crop dusters have sound. You can't explain that. Also, they can't go upside down and everywhere at lightning speed like this object was performing.