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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small cemetery north of Sanger said to be haunted

The Del Rey Cemetery, just north of Sanger
Photo courtesy of Google Maps/Streetview.

There have been stories for years that the Del Rey Cemetery, a small rural cemetery located just north of Sanger, is haunted.

Witnesses have reported seeing a strange glow emanating from one of the tombstones late at night. Others have reported seeing shadowy figures darting among the trees and others have even said they heard disembodied voices whispering. Others claim they would hear strange moaning sounds with no visible source. Several paranormal investigators have investigated the cemetery and have claimed to measure cold spots and record high EMF readings.

Now normally I'm not one to believe every cemetery has paranormal activity, but I've heard these stories from several different sources and it makes me wonder if there is any truth behind it. True, with the advent of the internet age it's a lot easier for a story to spread and grow. But I heard this story when I first started researching paranormal spots in the valley and the internet wasn't as prolific as it is now. So is there any truth to the stories here or is it just another urban legend? Hard to say really, but it's yet another little piece of the strange in the Central Valley that most people probably aren't aware of.


Unknown said...

I'd love to investigate this cemetary with you sometime

Unknown said...

I'd love to investigate this cemetery with you sometime.

Anonymous said...

It's actually to the Southwest of Sanger

Unknown said...

48 yrs ago I saw 3 people standing in cemetery.I knew all 3.1 my mother-in-law other my husband and his brother.Mother in law only 1 dead.never forgot what I saw.