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Monday, May 9, 2011

The ghosts of Magic Mountain

Driving to and from Southern California most of us have taken the mountain pass commonly referred to as the Grapevine. As we drive on Interstate 5 we pass through the small town of Valencia and the theme park Six Flags Magic Mountain. If you have ever had the chance to visit the park you'd know that it contains some of the most thrilling rides on the West Coast. But did you know it has it's share of paranormal activity? Three rides in general seem to be haunted and coincidentally enough all three rides have had deaths reported on them.

The first ride is the giant wooden roller coaster Colossus. In 1978, a 20-year-old woman was ejected from the Colossus ride, and fell to her death. Interestingly enough it's not the woman's ghost who is seen, but that of a young child wearing a striped shirt. He is usually seen at night running underneath the support structure underneath Colossus's tracks. Also sometimes at night the lift chain that pulls the coaster up the track can be hears running even though the ride has been shut down for the night.

The next ride that has a death associated with it is the roller coaster Revolution. In 1996, a part-time employee was killed while crossing the tracks of the ride. She was struck by a train full of park visitors as it returned to the station; both passengers and those waiting in line for the ride saw the victim fly into an area beneath the coaster and she was pronounced dead at the scene from major injuries. It's rumored that on a certain part of the ride (assuming the part where the worker is killed) you can sometimes hear the woman screaming, as if her death is being replayed over and over.

The final ride to have a death associated with it is the mega coaster Goliath. In June of 2001 a 28 year old woman died of a brain aneurysm while on the ride. At night, after the park closes is when the activity is supposed to occur. The security office will get a call from the the ride. When answered there is nothing but static on the other end. A group of guards investigated once but when they got to the ride there was no one around. They did report of an uneasy feeling and quickly left.

Ghostly encounters aren't the only strange thing that is going on at Magic Magic. A UFO was seen over Santa Clarita and was reportedly seen from one of the tower rides at the park. The type of sighting is unknown as I was unable to find the actual report, just mention of the sighting.

So next time you take a trip to Magic Mountain, don't go for just the rides. Check out some of the legends this place has. After all the park has been around for over 40 years and is bound to have some secrets.


Famous said...

I love this post. Question: Where was this information gathered? Did you do any interviews with employees/etc.?

Michael said...

Thanks man, appreciate it.

As for where I got my information, there are a couple of sites I go to for urban legends, etc. And I knew of the Goliath death so I searched for any other deaths and pieced it together.

Did try talking to the ride operators, but they said they had never heard of anything happening there. If they were telling the truth or not who knows.

Keana said...

Just some stuff to add: I work there currently. I have family in the entertainment department. Due to different circumstances throughout the year, sometimes entertainment must do their costume changes in the Magic Moments theater. On more than one occasion, the employees report back to the office freaked out because they've seen the ghost that lives inside of the theater. I work in games. I heard one about Center Ring Games online though I've had no experience with it about a woman who worked in CR for many years. She loved it so much that when she died, she came back and haunts the area. The last one is in Cyclone Bay. I have many friends who work in the Games there. Supposedly, after nightfall when the guests have all left, a little boy appears underneath the tarp to the basketball game. He seems to be reaching under trying to retrieve his ball. On more than one occasion, different employees reported that a basketball appeared underneath the game after a sighting even though they had already put all of the basketballs away. On one occasion, the boy was seen by a security guard. The security guard yelled at the boy and told him he wasn't allowed to be there and that the park was closed. As far as he knew, the boy was ignoring him, so he walked closer to the game then crouched down so that he could talk to the boy face to face only to realize that the boy had disappeared. A Games Attendent was there. The security guard asked what had happened to the little boy, the attendent told him that the little boy is seen quite often and is a ghost. Needless to say, the security officer hurriedly made his way away. He was a tad freaked out haha. I can't remember if my friend said the boy was wearing a striped shirt or not, because if he was, it may be the same little boy seen near colossus.

Miggy :D said...

I just went to Six Flags yesterday. I had heard about the Colossus roller coaster through my brother who used to work there. He would tell me about how he would clean after hours in that area and that he would hear footsteps despite the fact that he knew he was the onlu one working in that area. So I told my boyfriend while waiting in line to ride. He thought I was joking and asked the ride attendant whether it was true. The attendant acknowledged that the area was haunted despite not having seen anything himself. The park has been there for a while. It's only natural that something would stick around.

Anonymous said...

As a current employee, I will add that many people that have been here for 10+ years believe the park is haunted. Additional stories include a women who stands at the window of Full Throttle Sports Bar (formerly Mooseburger Lodge) and tables/chairs being moved around in the building after everyone has left. In addition, the Laughing Dragon Pizza shop, located near Superman and Ninja, is said to be closed because the building is haunted and the tables in chairs in there get ruined without being used. I've worked here for 2 years and haven't seen anything.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday (08/20/16) while waiting in line to ride ninja. I felt someone pass by and seconds later heard a small boy say, excuse me, as I turned to see who it was, no one was there. The only two people that heard it was myself and boyfriend we looked at each other n asked at the sametime did you hear that? He also looked to see who it was no one small boy was there.