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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win passes to the Fright Night Scream Park in Clovis

As I had mentioned on Monday, I was able to grab a couple of free passes for one attraction at the Fright Night Scream Park in Clovis (you can choose which attraction you want to go to) and these are good for the entire time the park is open this year.

Last year I had asked people to leave comments telling me what their favorite horror movie was. This year I thought I would do something different and since this site is moving more towards urban legends and such and not just the paranormal, I would love for people to tell me their favorite urban legend. Does not have to be local, but if it is that would be great.

The first six people that post their favorite urban legends and a way to for me to contact them will win the passes. Please don’t put your entire e-mail address, just put your user name then at then the provider then dot com. If I was posting it would read as “weirdfresno at gmail dot com. I don’t want anyone getting spammed if they post their actual e-mail address.

And remember if you don’t win the tickets, the Fresno Beehive is having their screamup on October 21 and ticket prices will $5 per attraction (remember you have to follow them on Twitter to RSVP). I will definitely be going to that, though not to sure if the ghouls there will be happy to see me so if you see my corpse in one of the attractions, that’s probably why.


Anonymous said...

Growing up in Las Vegas I heard many urban legends. But my favorite had to be the story of "Lucky Jack". The story goes, that jack was a blackjack dealer in the early 60's at one of the mobbed owned casinos ( the casino in question always differs on whos telling the tale). Jack was tired of working an honest living and watching all the made men get ritch, so he decided he wanted some of the action. Slowly jack started taking chips from the casino and cashing them at other banks(i dont excactly remeber how he was doing this with out getting caught) after about 3 months oftaking chips, jack started getting sloppy with his methods, and the casino boss started to notice. one night as jack was leaving his house, two goons forced him into a car, they blind folded him and drove him out to lake mead. once they got to a secluded spot they brought jack out and took off the blind fold. at this point jack was terrified and begged for mercy, even going as far as to offer the goons some of the stolen chips he had in his pockets. It was no good his fate was sealed, they shackled his hand and legs together, and shot him in the head, leg, and stomach and threw him in the deepest pat of the lake. and now they say when you go out to lake mead (which is about 20 south of Las Vegas) no matter if you are there for the day or camping out, take some chips from the casino throw them in the lake (not high rolling chips, like the quater ones, dont be crazy) but you will be able to hear jacks growning and footsteps through the water gowing after the chips. I know it dosent sound scary but to a 8 year old camping in the dark it is terrifying.
untouchable_64 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I lived in the tower district with my wife and infant son in the building behind the Tower Theatre. in unit 11.. about 3 days after we moved there we woke up and all our pics were on the floor in the same fashion , face down... our closet would always be ice cold and freak my wife out.. because well we were on the 2nd floor with a swamp cooler.. no way it should have been cold.. we would get strange feelings there all the time like being watched.. after we moved out we found out from the landlord that in the 80's a woman lived there with her very young child and she left him int he closet and he died..... i can't even look in the window when I drive by there anymore,, corner of Linden and Fern int he heart of tower behind the tower theatre......DJ

Anonymous said...

my email Jackson5591982 at DJ

Anonymous said...

When I was a teenager, we lived on the island of Oaho in Hawaii. One of our favorite making out and drinking spots was a place called "Morgan's Corner" - a site of an Urban Legend.
One story surrounding it is of a young woman who hung herself from a tree and rotted away till her head fell off. She roams the area looking for her head. The "dare" behind the legend was to climb a rock staircase. If you saw her standing at the top waiting for you, then you would not make it back down the stairs. - tp
Taripie at yahoo dot com

Swampdonkey said...

The legend of the Hawaiian night marchers is by far the scariest out there. Ask any local and they will either have had personal experiences or know people who have. When encountering the marching warriors who are often accompanied by drum beats, one is encouraged to avert their eyes or put their face towards the ground/sand. Legend states that if you make eye contact with a marching warrior you will befall a grim fate(or a loved one or family member will). The night of the second week of the new moon, Po Akua, is said to be a favorite night of the warriors.

shweetd at gmail dot com

Tangee said...

My favorite urban legend is Bloody Mary I think. That one still scares me to that day and I WILL NEVER do it. I'm 34 years old and it just weirds me out.

Anonymous said...

My favorite urban legend, although not so scary, certainly mysterious, is the underground tunnels under Chinatown. Whatever happened to that discovery anyways?

mail.turner.2k at gmail dot com

hilary said...

My favorite urban legend is about Millerton Lake. I have been fascinated by the idea that there are giant catfish living in the lake.

hilary at antilabs dot net

Anonymous said...

My favorite urban legend is one that we used to repeat over and over as kids. It goes like this:

A teenage boy drove his date to a dark and deserted Lovers' Lane for a make-out session. After turning on the radio for mood music, he leaned over and began kissing the girl.

A short while later, the music suddenly stopped and an announcer's voice came on, warning in an urgent tone that a convicted murderer had just escaped from the state insane asylum — which happened to be located not far from Lovers' Lane — and that anyone who noticed a strange man lurking about with a hook in place of his right hand should immediately report his whereabouts to the police.

The girl became frightened and asked to be taken home. The boy, feeling bold, locked all the doors instead and, assuring his date they would be safe, attempted to kiss her again. She became frantic and pushed him away, insisting that they leave. Relenting, the boy peevishly jerked the car into gear and spun its wheels as he pulled out of the parking space.

When they arrived at the girl's house she got out of the car, and, reaching to close the door, began to scream uncontrollably. The boy ran to her side to see what was wrong and there, dangling from the door handle, was a bloody hook.

Martha at sbcglobal dot net

How are you going to contact people if they don't use their actual email address? I don't understand how that works?

Michael said...

Just thought I would mention this, since it has been a few days.

Thanks to everyone who commented. Got some great stories. I'll be mailing the passes out on Monday (10/11) and it shouldn't take more than a few days to get them.

Once again thanks for reading the blog and posting.

Anonymous said...

Aww man i dont think i got the tickets but ill still go for it well The Legend:

A couple checks into a hotel and have to put up with a foul odor in their room all night. They call the staff to complain and somebody figures out the stench is coming from the bed.
Now, there's no way that scenario is going to have a good ending. You're almost hoping at that point that it'll turn out the last guest just got drunk and pooped behind the headboard. But, no, the staff take off the matress and discover the couple has been sleeping over the rotting body of a dead girl who had been stuffed in the box spring.
The Truth:

This actually happened, in Las Vegas. Also, Kansas City, MO and Atlantic City, NJ and several times in Florida and California and, well, let's just say that in or under the bed in a hotel room seems to be a fairly popular destination for the recently deceased.
It makes sense if you think about it. The closet and under the bed are the two most popular places to hide just about anything, so it's not surprising a hell of a lot of corpses end up there as well. In fact, the odds are pretty good that at least once a guy has killed a prostitute, tried to stuff her under the bed, only to find there was already a body there