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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woman wrecks SUV while trying to flee vampire

A Colorado woman claims while driving late one night she came across a vampire standing in the middle of the road and wrecked her vehicle trying to escape.

The woman told police that she was traveling along the dirt road at around 9:30 pm, when she came across the vampire. Terrified, she backed up her sports utility vehicle to try to escape the blood sucker. Unfortunately she hit the gas too hard and wound up backing up into a ditch and rolling the vehicle onto it's passenger side. She was not injured and neither drugs or alcohol were suspected. The police also added there was no evidence of a vampire either. The driver's husband arrived shortly thereafter and took her home.

KKCO, the NBC affliate in Grand Junction reported the next day that the driver might have been on some sort of medication and that may have been the cause of her so called sighting.

We here at Weird Fresno have to wonder if she is this easily frightened of vampires, if she is a Twilight fan or not.



Chuck and Burly said...

If she's a Twilight fan she would have probably jumped out of the car and started begging him to make her sparkly, too.

Anonymous said...

Lol haha lol...@ kim