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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The rash of supposed Chupacabra sightings continue

The rash of supposed Chupacabra sightings continue, this time with a farmer in Texas claiming to have caught the mythological beast after setting a trap when he found several of his livestock dead from some sort of animal attack. The next day he found the strange hairless creature, describing it as a mix between a hairless dog, a rat, and a kangaroo. Now I'm no animal expert, but to me this appears to be just another animal (most likely a dog or some other canine) suffering from mange.

In my opinion the reports of Chupacabras in the States has nothing to do with the original ones seen in Puerto Rico. The ones seen here are nothing more than animals suffering from mange, whereas the creature seen in Puerto Rico stood up on two legs, had a row of spines down it's back, and glowing red eyes. Also most, if not all, sightings of Chupacabras were accompanied by UFO sightings several nights before. Unfortunately those sightings have died off and the legend of the Chupacabra has been regaled to stories of hairless dogs being chased in the desert.

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