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Monday, June 28, 2010

Witnesses see large bright object fall out of the sky in Tulare County

Two witnesses were driving on Road 222 in Tulare County in March 2006 around 9:00 pm when the driver noticed a bright object in the East falling from the sky. The way they described it was as if the moon had "suddenly fallen to the Earth". They further described the size of the object as the size of a dime held out at arm's length.

As it fell it changed colors from a brilliant white to an amber color before disappearing behind the Sierra Nevadas. The witness said as it was falling it appeared to be on fire and they expected to hear an explosion but never did. The witness asked their father if he had seen the same object and he confirmed that he did.

As they continued driving they scanned the radio stations for any mention of the object but didn't hear anything. The witness also states that they believe Area 51 in Nevada may somehow be involved as the object fell in the general direction of the military base.

MUFON Report: an object fell to earth east of my house

my father an i were driving south on rd. 222, it was around 9:PM, i noticed a bright object out the driver side window directly east of us,i looked up and saw a round bright light falling to was as if the moon had suddenly fallin to earth.if you held a dime out at arms length this object would barely be covered by the dime, this thing was huge.i couldn't take my eyes off it.i watched as it fell, and it began to change froom a brilliant white to an amber color.just before it vanished behind the sierras ,it seemed to be on fire, i could see flames comming from the top of it.i watched and was expecting to see and hear a large explosion,but nothing, not even a flicker did we see after that.i looked at my father and said, did you see that,dad answered yep, sure did.i listened for any radio reports ,but never heard a question to you people is, did any one else report this objet to you.any body traveling east on highway 198 just east of visalia calif,and due north of exeter at that time, couldn,t have missed seeing this thing, it was impossible to miss thing is for certain ,somthing very big hit the ground that night. i might mention, area 51 is in that general direction to where this thig feel.


Anonymous said...

Omg. Saw it too.I was heading from visalia to exeter on the highway. I thought it was really strange. It looked like a ball on fire. I only got to see it for a second or so and trees blocked it. I'm surprised more people arnt talking about it.

Pherrera01234GJCo81501 said...

I seen this exact same thing I was coming home from work I live in grand junction Colorado I was so amazed to see this with n
My own eyes and for those that seen it have to still be astonished that something that bright that far away shooting across the Colorado national monument open sky that this object was gonna hit somewhere in pacific and was surely gonna cause some damage but nothing was ever said then one day talking about on discovery channel blew me away and is still unexplained but noted not forgotten.
Patrick M Herrera
Grand Jct Co 81501