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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Witness reports seeing two disc shaped craft near Los Banos

In late December of 2002, two witnesses (a mother and her son) were traveling north on Interstate 5 and were near the town of Los Banos. It was late afternoon, about 4:30, and the sun was begining to set. The car was traveling about 40 mph when the mother (who was the driver) noticed two disc shaped craft in the air several miles ahead of her on the east side of the highway.

The witness estimated them to be between 500 and 600 feet off the ground. The witness describes them as fading in and out as she drove closer to them. She sped up to about 60 mph as she got nearer to them, but by this time they were in the early shade of the foot hills as she describes it. As the witness describes it one disc would slowly get brighter and brighter and then they would fade back to the metalic look while the other would would start to get brighter, only to repeat the pattern over and over.

At that point the witness woke her son up who had been sleeping at the time to see if he could see the craft. He replied he did and she asked him to look closer to see if they were somehow tethered to the ground or something. He said they weren't and then went back to sleep, apparently uninterested in what was going on.

As they passed the craft, the witness soon forgot about them and continued driving. It was only until later she remembered about them as she heard someone else's story about a similiar sighting the following day. Unfortunately her son has never remembered the event.

Below is the original report and is unedited and is presented as it was reported to with MUFON. I am not saying that I have any knowledge of what the witness reported seeing and most UFO reports can usually be explained as something natural or manmade. If there is any findings to this case then I will update this report to reflect those.

Close to Christmas in 2002 I and my 21 year old son (who was sleeping in the passenger seat) were traveling north on Highway 5 in California, coming up upon the turn off to Los Banos going west, still @ 40 miles from it. About 4:30 pm, still daylight. The sun was close to setting at that time and we were behind a set of low foot hills about 100-400 feet high on the west of the freeway. When I first spotted the discs a couple of miles ahead of me they were in the sunshine. My mind tried to match what I was seeing with any other known outlines of flying vehicles and they did not match anything I could come up with. I was amazed and curious as to why no one was stopping to look at them.

I spotted 2 discs hovering above the highway on the east side, very close to the road, between 500-600 ft above. After about a minute of viewing them, I realized they were flying discs,as they did not look like any other thing I could recognize. For several miles I watched them taking turns fading in and out, continuing until I was going to drive right under them. By the time I reached them at 65 miles an hour both the roadway and the discs were in the early shade of the foot hills. Higher than that, it was still in sunlight. There was plenty of bright daylight left to see the whole scene. When I say brightening I mean that the whole disc got slowly brighter - not a single light fixture - and then the whole disc faded to the metalic look and the other one then lit up- they did not get too bright to look at - it was like they were on a reostat and it was slowly being turned on to about halfway. They were never really bright as if the sun was hitting them as when I first spotted them but more faded than that. I could not see that they were fading and lighting up until the shadow of the hills covered them. I awakened my son and asked if he saw them - which he did - and told him to look closely as we drove by and see if they were in any way teathered. He had good eyesight and unequivically said no, they were not teathered. He immediately went back to sleep and as soon as we had passed the spot I also completely forgot about them, until much later. The only reason I remembered is because I heard someone elses story about a similar happening to her the next day after I got to my destination. All of a sudden I realized that we had also seen that type of sighting only with 2 discs, one above the other and the lower one was slightly ahead of the other towards the road (but not directly over the road. The two were pretty much strattling each other) My son has never remembered the event.

I don 't know if you want suppositions but I believe the fading in and out was sending out magnetic waves of forgetfulness so people kept right on driving instead of actually stopping along the freeway to gawk.
The early shadow of the foothills just highlighted the brightening and fading of the discs. Not one other car on the freeway even slowed down to look at them.

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