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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UFO seen over Fresno on May 25, 2010

The first object in this video, a red light, is what's reported to be the UFO and seen over Fresno. According to the witness it was filmed at about 5:00 in the morning on Friday, May 25, 2010. Whatever the object is, it is definitely moving as you can see it pass behind several pine trees that are in the foreground and even changes direction mid-flight.

At around the 3:55 mark you do see another object, but it is a conventional aircraft (despite the observations of the person recording the footage) given the blinking strobe light and the stationary navigational ones.

It's hard to discern what the object is. It's highly unlikely that it is a plane, as the only light that is seen is a red one, and it is blinking. Aircraft do have red and green navigational lights, but they are always on, never blinking. A balloon of some sorts is also unlikely given the object changes direction. Given that the object was seen in early in the morning it's highly unlikely that there were many witnesses. What the object is I cannot say, but I can say it definitely wasn't an airplane.

Strange things seem to be flying in the air throughout California. Hopefully one day soon there will be a good piece of footage to explain what they actually are.

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Anonymous said...

under the cloud cover?'s a helicopter...c'mon now.