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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Man claims Bigfoot sighting in Arizona

Roger Peterson claims in 1981, while camping with four friends in the Arizona desert, he had an encounter with Bigfoot.

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It was at night when it happened and claims it to be a female of the species (how he came to this conclusion is never stated). Peterson then goes on to say another Bigfoot appeared in front of his friends and charged at them. In self defense, he fired his rifle at the creatures and apparently hit one of them as he heard one let out, as he puts it, a god awful scream that he remembers to this day.

Over the years he's come back to the area in hopes of seeing one of the creatures again. He recorded some video in 2001 and claims to have captured footage of a Bigfoot crouching behind some dry brush (around the 1:45 mark).

Roger then contacted Tom Biscardi, who is famous from a few years ago when he and two claimed to have found the carcass of a Bigfoot and had it stored in a freezer. Unfortunately this turned out to be a hoax as it was nothing more than a gorilla suit and some deer intestines, but that hasn't stopped Biscardi from trying to cash in on the Bigfoot craze.

I'm sure Peterson has good intentions, but the fact that he turned to Tom Biscardi to "help" him find Bigfoot has me thinking hoax. I'm surprised people still turn to him when they there has been so much in the crypto world that this guy isn't to be trusted. Or perhaps Peterson hasn't seen Bigfoot at all and is just using Biscardi to help him pull one over on people.

Still the debate will go on until a viable piece of evidence is produced and blurry video is definitely not that.

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Montana said...

Why am I not surprised? Arizona is so messed up.