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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Adorable Poodle Salon

In the early 1970s there was a dog grooming salon on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno called the Adorable Poodle Salon. From what I can gather it was in the same area as the Wendy's that's near Blackstone and Ashlan.

As soon as the owner moved in, they knew they were not alone. When the would arrive in the morning to open the shop they would find large heavy plants, ones that required two people to move them, were be relocated to the middle of the room. Also, the workers would find that their grooming tools were moved elsewhere.

Apparently whatever was haunting the shop took a liking to one of the girls working there. One day the owner was on a break when she noticed the employee brushing her hand away from her neck, as if something was bothering her. The girl kept exclaiming "Would you please knock it off?!" Finally the owner asked her what was going on. "Your damn ghost won't stop kissing me on the neck!" replied the girl. Apparently after that the ghost stopped kissing her.

The owner would also sense cold spots, lights that would turn on and off, and doors opening and closing by themselves. A general feeling of being watched while alone in the building was also reported. According to this, the owner of the story eventually had the ghost removed or "busted" as the poster reported (who also claims to be one of the owner's children) and all activity stopped.

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Anonymous said...

seriously? man i could have walked there. this place is like right up the street from me