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Friday, January 23, 2009

Large black triangular shaped craft spotted in Fresno.

One of my favorite sites for getting UFO information is the National UFO Reporting Center. It's an on-line database of UFO sightings that people can contact and fill out a report. One of the great things about it is that the sightings are listed by locations, including states. Going through California the other day I came across a sighting that happened in Fresno on December 17, 2008. Here's what it said:

I saw a black triangle shaped object about 300 ft in length with a dim red light at each point traveling slowly past over me.

I saw a black triangle shaped object with 1 dim red flashing light at each point of the triangle. the size was 100 yards to 150 yards in length hovering above me about 250-350 yards above me.the object was completely silent and was traveling south very slowly when it passed over me it turned slightly to travel southeast and continued on that path until it was no longer in my sight. I got a very good look of what the object look like from under it it was all solid black with uneven surface almost half dome shaped around were the lights were.

Unfortunately no pictures or video were taken, but given the information I was able to create what I believe is an accurate reenactment of what happened. Note I don't know the location of the sighting, I was out in Fresno the other night with my camera and took these two shots. For the craft I modeled it based upon the description in a program called SketchUP.

My theory on the black triangles, is that it is some sort of military project, akin to to the stealth fighter and bomber projects from the 1980's. Some have speculated that given the large size of the craft and the slow speed they move, that they are some sort of blimp or airship that the military is creating. Conspiracy theorist on the other hand believe this is some sort of craft that the US government is using to spy on it's own citizens. And of course there is the extra terrestrial theory, that this was some sort of mother ship.

Here's the link to the National UFO Reporting Center, if anyone is interested. And here's the link to the actual report.

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