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Friday, May 14, 2010

Weird Fresno on the Dirty Dowdy Podcast

On Wednesday, May 12th, I had the privilege to be on the Dirty Dowdy podcast to discuss all things paranormal in the Fresno area. For those of you that haven't heard the Dirty Dowdy podcast (seriously you haven't listened? WTF?), it's a Fresno weekly podcast done by Chris Dowdy and they have a variety of guests on the show.

Chris had asked me to be on the show as several of the members were interested in the paranormal and wanted to share some stories. For the first part of the show I told them my first encounter with a ghost at my mother's old house and also the story of how I heard the two little girls in the cemetery laughing. Then I was told a story of a homemade Ouija board and actually got someone calling in with a question.

The rest of the show was insane to say the least, especially when Rash from New Rock 104 got into a very heated discussion with Ricky Ingles and yours truly was in the middle. Though I think I solved the debate when I interjected pro wrestling into the mix.

Overall I had a great time and hopefully will be back sometime in October when the "season" starts. Until then you can click here to listen to the podcast or you can also download it on iTunes.

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