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Monday, May 10, 2010

Strange triangular shaped craft seen over Fresno

Not really sure what to make of this video. It was shot on May 3, 2010 in Fresno and as you can see from the still shot, there is a triangular shaped craft with three red lights at it's points. The craft is silent (though at the end of the video you do hear and see a plane, but it's a different configuration than the object seen at the beginning of the video). No MUFON report was filed and I'm trying to find out where the video was shot. Hopefully I can dig up some more information on what this object actually is.


Adrian said...

Thing is, you need a grounded object in the frame as reference to know more about this object. Also, it's blinking and it looks like the top of a tower. I'm not sure man. I would say you would have to interview the cameraman and check the area he was recording in, to know for sure.

Mona Scotia said...

To answer the question WHERE WAS THIS FOOTAGE SHOT????? I've been waiting for SOMEBODY, ANYBODY who might care to know who the heck shot that finally, because you cared to ask who put this one out I would be happy to tell you and everyone else where this footage was shot and who shot this footage. The shooter's name is (Kingufokid) on Youtube, Robert Thorsen....he shoots many vid's like this... right in his own neighborhood, Shaw/West, well-known as "California's UFO Triangle" among ufologists. It's about time somebody asked who's shooting all this great ufo video. It's about time everyone give Thorsen some RESPECT and CREDIT, as he certainly deserves it, since he's generously shared with us all of the video's he's shot. Shout out to a good buddy, and fellow ufoseeker....Kingufokid!