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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Over one hundred Bigfoot sightings reported in Southern California annually

A still taken from the Patterson-Gimlin
that was shot in 1967.

More than 100 reports of Sasquatch sightings are made every year in Southern California, and local members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association say they are frustrated that a reported Sasquatch capture in Georgia turned out to be yet another man in a monkey suit, it was reported Saturday.

"These people who conspired to make this hoax brought all the research down, in my opinion," said Palmdale resident Richard Hucklebridge in an interview with the Daily News.

"It kind of upset me," he told the newspaper. "We've been at this for years now and we're trying to prove these things are real."

Hucklebridge said Bigfoots living in the Los Angeles County mountains have "a bad attitude" and are hiding because target shooters take potshots at them.

A policeman in Georgia was fired last week, and he and his partner were sued by a California Bigfoot researcher, after they accepted $50,000 from the Californian to tell their story of a reported recovery of Bigfoot remains.

Branded a myth and superstition by scientists, Sasquatch lives on in popular belief, with more than 20 percent of Americans believing that Bigfoot is real, according to a Baylor University professor quoted by the Daily News.

Hucklebridge, a retired jet engine mechanic from Palmdale, told the paper he believes at least 12 Bigfoots live in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Pasadena, and that they have been spotted about 18 times since the early 1970s.

Bobbie Short, a San Diego Bigfoot Web site operator, told the Daily News that credible reports "suggest there are pockets of Sasquatch families living in and around dense tree cover, usually in higher elevations."

All credible evidence from reputable paleontologists, anthroplogists, and sociologists concludes that Bigfoot is based on a modern myth, bred by an innate need by humans to believe in something mysterious, and fed by a grainy movie shot in 1958 in Humboldt County, the first of many Sasquatch hoaxes.

But Hucklebridge scoffs at that. "The scientists won't believe until somebody comes up with a body," he told the Daily News.

The Bigfoot researcher says he is positive that the elusive mammals live in the local mountains, which are the heaviest-used National Forest in the nation, according to park rangers. That means his mission to find them must continue, he said.

"But we don't want to capture or harm them," he was quoted in the paper. "We have people who come out here and shoot at them. I know they have been shot at and hit.

"And I know it's something that gives them a bad attitude."

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Clearly Claire said...

What amuses me is how something so many folks see is non-existent until a scientist sees it. Particularly when considering any scientist attesting to the existence to any cryptic, is kissing his or her career down a rathole.

Anonymous said...

How difficult is it for a human to evade a gorilla? There are very few deaths attributed to gorilla attacks because we have arranged the living locales to control any presence of gorillas in the areas. Zoos, etc., Possibly the Sasquatch has done something similar. They only wander into human areas like kids visit zoos periodically. Which one is in the cage? You or the Yeti?

Anonymous said...

Another reason there is no proof is people forget the government does not want these things discovered. Many bodies are found but confiscated by the feds. So that's the main reason - they are not allowed to exist. true story