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Monday, May 17, 2010

Porterville house was site of poltergeist activity during the 1980's

For several weeks in 1984, a residence in the small town of Porterville (situated in Tulare County) was privy to poltergeist activity. The occurrences in the single story house, built in 1979, started when the resident couple's granddaughter came for a visit.

Most of the activity occurred in the hall and a bedroom closet the daughter was staying in. Tapping noises were heard coming from inside the walls as well as strange voices. The incidences continued for several days without any explanation.

Finally a group of paranormal investigators were called in to determine what was going on. They were able to conclude that the poltergeist activity was the result of the spirit of the granddaughter's twin sister, who had died at the age of five from virulent cancer.

After the granddaughter left the residence, the activity stopped and there hasn't been anything reported since. No one knows why this one visit sparked the activity in this small house in Porterville.

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