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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Zalud House

The Zalud House - Porterville, CA

I don't know too much behind the paranormal history of the Zalud House as I just heard about it recently. I do know there is a group that is planning on giving haunted tours of the house, with all proceeds going to the house which is now a museum. They are still working out the details, but as soon as I hear about them I'll post them in an update.
The Zalud House, which is located in Porterville, was built for John and Mary Jane Zalud in 1891 and through out it's history it was only occupied by the family. The house is listed on both the National Historcial Registry of Old Houses and the National Register of Historic Places.
The house has remained unchanged over the years. The garden, which has not changed since the 1930's, and the mansard style roof is still the same over a century later. Interior-wise, it is one of the few museums in the country to still have it's original furnishings though they are changed seasonally.
As for paranormal activity, there have been reports of people feeling that they were being watched by some unseen presence, footsteps heard in several words, as well as whispering voices. Given the fact that the house still has it's orginal furnishings, I wouldn't be suprised if some of the Zalud family members were still there along with their possessions.


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The group is up and through

Paranormal experience tours have started.

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How did they die