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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Possible Bigfoot Expedition in Fresno County This Summer

I had reported in an earlier post about several Bigfoot sightings above Hunnington Lake, near the Florence Lake area. I was talking to Tom a few days ago about it and he is still interested. It would most likely be late summer or even early fall.

What he wants to do is hike in there during the early part of summer and set up a few field cameras (these are cameras that hunters mount to trees and an IR sensor is tripped whenever an object passes in front of it) at spots that we think will get us some good shots. We'll then mark their locations on a GPS device and hike back on out.

A map of the area, Hunnington Lake is on the left, Florence is to the right

After a few weeks then the main expedition can go in there. I'm thinking of a party of six to eight people. This is going to be rough territory so we will definitely need people with experience in camping and perhaps even hiking. The trip to Florence is a long one. It's only 80 miles east of Fresno but takes around three hours to get there (it takes about 90 minutes alone to get from Hunnington to Florence, so that should say something about the terrain there).

Once there we would stay about a week. Armed with cameras, video cameras, and audio recorders we will try to gather any evidence that we can. Also we will be bringing Plaster of Paris in case we find any footprints, that way we can make a copy. In case there is any physical evidence (i.e. hair or scat) we will bring some plastic containers and zip locks to preserve these.

A 3D image of Florence Lake from Google Earth.

After the week is over we will collect the field cameras and head back home to hopefully go over any evidence we may collect. I'm not guaranteeing we get any evidence or even see or hear Bigfoot, but this is something I want to do. As time progresses, expect to hear more about this.


Karl said...

That sounds great - here's to some interesting results. By the way, while cruising around Fresno County in Google Earth, I couldn't believe that someone has placemarked a Bigfoot sighting west of Fresno - yes west of Fresno - along the San Joaquin River. Have you seen that one?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Don't think the previous comment went thru correctly. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I gave you some publicity about the "Bigfoot Expedition" on the blog!

Michael said...

Thanks for the plug Mike. Any exposure is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Put your Stealth story up too!

Thomas said...

I was in this area back in 1981, on a eight day backpack trip. during my 24 hour solo I heard something to this day I cannot explain. A scream so loud.