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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Triangle shaped UFO seen north of Fresno along Hwy. 41

It seems this video of a UFO filmed north of Fresno was making the rounds all last week. First a Canadian website was reporting on it and then one in India and multiple UFO websites out there. Watching the video several times had me perplexed. It wasn't a typical blurred out airplane on approach. So what was it? I decided to leave a comment on the person who posted the video to YouTube and see if they would get back to me.

As luck would have it, they did. A husband and wife were driving north on Hwy 41 when the husband saw a strange light near Valley Children's Hospital. They quickly exited 41 at Children's Blvd. and looped around Mesa Blvd. until it turned into Cobb Ranch Rd. It was here they got a good view of the object and proceeded to film it.

From what I was told the object wasn't moving very fast and at first it seemed to move slowly towards them before reversing its course and heading back the way it had come before disappearing out of sight.

I has asked if anyone else besides the couple had seen it and was told no. I had also mentioned the possibility of it being a medvac helicopter coming in for a landing but was told by the wife that they live near Fresno Yosemite and is familiar with what a helicopter looks like as it's nearing touchdown.

So here's the proverbial question: what was this thing? Could the witnesses be wrong and it was a helicopter approaching the hospital? I asked the witness what day and time they had filmed this and was told it was on February 14 at around 10:00 pm (maybe the aliens were going for a romantic drive?) and several phone calls have been made to Valley Children's to see if any medvacs landed around that time. I'm also going to see if I can find a number through either Fresno Yosemite or the FAA and see if I can find anything out this way. Even if I'm told nothing was in the area at that time that rules out the possibility of a helicopter. This leads it to either being some government type aircraft or aliens taking a joy ride through the San Joaquin River. If it was some government secret project, why have lights on the damn thing and fly it near a hospital? Though given the current state of affairs in DC and the lack of any common sense this wouldn't surprise me really. As for aliens, I guess it's possible. I mean Valley Children's has some advanced tech in it, maybe they were curious as to how we treat our young. Nah, I still say they were joy riding. It's what I would do if dad left me the keys to his flying saucer.

Interesting enough the witness also included this map of where they were located when the filmed the object as well as an estimate of where the object was at given some known locations and distances. I wonder if anyone else at the hospital saw this. I think it’s time to do a bit of digging.


Karl said...

Interesting sighting. My skeptical side is saying that it's three chinese lanterns tied together in some fashion. The flickering of the lights looks like that, coupled with the fact that it just seemed to drift along and didn't make any sharp moves or turns.

Johnny said...

I have seen lights just like that in the sky in that general area. I was driving a friend home late one night along Friant (near Champlain) going North. Over in the distance in the West the object hovered and proceeded to follow us on our left hand side. We immediately turned on the next road (Copper) and it disappeared. We were freaked out and still tell people about it all the time.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing going down the 180. It was a bit closer, and it beamed the sky red after it left. I kid you not I sped home freighted

kaos said...

Theres many things out there which we choose to ignore but best thing you can do is keep an open mind

Unknown said...

I have been a resident of Oakhurst since 1981 and have been in a management job many years until retired in 2007. Back in about 1989 a friend and I would drive up to the mountains at night to call predators-coyotes,fox,bobcats,etc. for night above Redinger Lake we left the truck and brought our gear and cameras and sat down in pitch dark,between two Manzanita plants.We were the skeptical kind of guys that would think everyone that saw weird things like ghosts,UFO's,etc. were full of you know......After a while we heard a humming noise like a blimp sound above us and looked up at about 100-200 yards above us was a huge craft going slow -a triangle shape(we were so stunned we didn't say much than Holy Sh##-what the hell!!) I was so exhausted mentally that all I did was try to memorize the craft and what it did...did not even think of my camera!I have not seen anything on earth like this but I remember a blue vapor coming out of 2 flared pipes in the rear making the noise.This thing was no joke about 4-5 football fields long and just as wide.It just slowly went by until we could not see it anymore (trees and mountains)I do recall the colored lights were opaque red, blue,and yellow.We only saw the bottom.A triangled shape with 3 big lights on the bottom.Huge. My friend and I did not make a big deal about this because like us-many are just skeptics.But now because we witnessed this now do believe in the sightings that many do see-but I think ours was the closest anyone has been to one!Wished we had digital video shots back then with cameras!I have not been in contact with my then buddy for over 12 years now-but I am sure his memory of this will keep until he dies.