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Friday, June 3, 2011

More strange lights filmed over Oakland.

Looks like there are strange lights flying over Oakland again. Almost a year ago I had reported of a strange object (or objects) being filmed over Oakland, CA with a night vision enabled camera. Well it seems the strange craft (or something similiar) is once again flying over Oakland and YouTube user KevinMC360 was able to get some video of it.

Looking at the video I can't really say what the three objects are. But I feel I can say what I believe them NOT to be. No way they are birds, as some have claimed them to be. Birds do not move that fast nor do they stay in that tight of formation. I read on another site of how someone claimed that you can see the birds flapping their wings on the enlarged portion of the video, well that isn't what you are seeing. Since the video was zoomed in digitally, you get some pixelation and that is what you are seeing here.

Also I doubt they are some form of civilian aircraft. That formation is once again a rather tight one, and three individual ones wouldn't move that fluidly throughtout the sky. Now could it be some sort of military craft? Perhaps. Remember for years the Air Force kept secret the F-117 and B-2 programs. Granted they weren't testing them over heavily populated areas but I digress. As for the possibily of it being extraterresterial, who the hell knows. I'm seeing three objects moving in the sky. They are flying and unidentified. That is the definition of a UFO, which is what we have here.

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