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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gilroy's haunted Mount Madonna County Park

Mount Madonna State Park where the ghost of the daughter of
one of Gilroy's founders is said to haunt.

About 12 miles west of the town of Gilroy is the Mount Madonna County Park. It's said that the ghost of Sarah Miller, the daughter of one of Gilroy's founders Henry Miller, haunts the land that used to be owned by her family.

On June 14, 1879 Sarah Miller was riding her horse on her family's ranch when it stepped in a squirrel hole and lost its footing. Sarah then fell off the horse and broke her neck and was instantly killed.

Stories have persisted for years of seeing a woman riding on horseback late at night by park rangers. Other reports from rangers include hearing a woman screaming, but when they went to investigate no one was found. Lights being seen in buildings even after they were turned off have also been reported. Another witness even reported seeing a woman dressed all in white walking down Pole Line road late one night.

If this is indeed the ghost of Sarah Miller, why does she haunt the land that was formerly her family's ranch? Perhaps she doesn't know she is dead and wanders around aimlessly not knowing of the sad truth. Or perhaps this is where she was happiest in life and continues to stay there even in death. Whatever the case may be, given the numerous sightings at Mount Madonna, something definitely is roaming the grounds late at night.


Mt. Madonna Hiker said...

Wow, this is trippy. I was hiking Tie Camp Trail yesterday when I kept hearing the sound of a large animal moving through the forest. Not a horse or hiker on a trail, but something large moving through the woods. I was wondering to myself what it might be. There's no bears here, and in my experience deer don't make that much noise. I'd tell my dog to "speak" and when she did the noise would stop for a few minutes, which tells me that it probably wasn't a hiker blazing his own trail (and it sounded much too large anyway). I found this website after my hike while looking for history on the park, and now I kinda wonder if it was Sarah Miller and her horse. My only other thought would be a large wild pig.

Deb said...

My family and i were camping at the back back in 1985. I had driven from the campsite to the ranger station to use the payphone to call my boyfriend. I had 4 of my nieces and nephews with me and we all heard a woman screaming in the wooded area near by. I quickly hung up the phone gathered all the kids into my car and drove back to camp. I tracked down one of the rangers to report what we heard because I was afraid someone had taken a girl up there and was hurting her etc...They proceeded to explain that they get reports of that all the time and that they couldn't explain it. They would go check it out just to be sure, however when they get to that area, they are unable to find anything.

Unknown said...

Me an my family on new years 1//1/2017 was driving through mt madonna around 1:50am in the car was me my husband and my 5children of ages 11-12-14-15-and 16 when we went past the close hotel a car coming against us flash his headlights at us so we thought there was proubly a accident and he was warning us up a head when we drive 3 mins after or surprise was hearing a woman cry so loud my 12 year old was so scare i heard it my husband to i felt all my blood from my body went altheway to my feet when i started praying all the way out mt madonna we heard it 3 times it was the scariest day od my life i would never go through there again its true about what they say about sarah miller thank god we did not see her but we did hear her it was a ugly noise very loud. Thats when we realize that the other car going our direction was warning us about.there was 2 cars in front of us the first one after we hear the scream we notice he was driving faster and sunddenly desapeard we where to scare to see if he went down the ditch only god knows but the 2 car in front of us we notice he was like in shock like us he started to drive slower so i told my husband press the gas go faster and my husband said i cant the car in the front slow down. Oh my god its true about mt madonna is hunted.

Anonymous said...

There are peacocks roaming in that area. They scream at night sometimes. Perhaps that is what she heard. lol. It can be an unnerving sound.

Anonymous said...

There are peacocks in that area. Sometimes they scream at night. Perhaps this is what was heard.

Anonymous said...

In 2015 my friend and I took a day hike around the merry-go-round trail, and took a break under a tree just south of where it intersects with the old mine trail. We sat there for a while, soaking in the afternoon sun and admiring the view, when something shiny caught my eye. About 100 meters east of us, I was surprised to see a reflective silver orb seemingly hovering above the brush. It appeared about the size of a large beach ball, perfectly spherical, and was moving north very slowly. In color and reflectivity, the surface looked exactly like liquid mercury. I confirmed with my friend that I wasn't imagining things, and we continued to speculate on what it could be. After about 3 minutes the orb dipped below the tree line. Unfortunately we had left our phones in the car and weren't able to capture it on film. In my curiosity, I walked over to where I had last seen it, but couldn't find a trace of anything in the thick brush. My best guess is that it was a rogue weather apparatus, or perhaps a campers space-blanket that got caught in the breeze. I'm a skeptic but, regardless, it was a very strange sight.